A New "Crisis" For DC Comics in 2020, Ahead of 5G

In June, Bleeding Cool first ran the news that DC Comics was preparing to publish something called 5G, leaking out of a private DC Comics staffers discussion group. We just didn't know what it was.

During the DC Nation presentation at New York Comic Con, where Bleeding Cool was able to get screengrabs of the new DC Comics Timeline, and then, blur by blur, able to work out what was happening in Generation 1 -, The Heroic Age, Generation  2 – The Space Age, Generation 3 – The Age Of Crisis and Generation 4 – The Flashpoint, it clicked that 5G would refer to what would happen next. The fifth generation of the DC Comics timeline.

With a mixture of sleuthing, and sources, we worked it out, and how it tied into a previous story at Bleeding Cool, that DC Comics was planning to replace Bruce Wayne under the Batman cowl with someone else – later revealed to be Luke Fox. And that 5G was about doing something the same thing across the board to all the main DC heroes.

We learned that Jonathan Kent was to be the new Superman, and the DC timeline suggested this would be after he had aged again, after visiting the Legion of Super-Heroes in the 31st Century.

And then that the new Green Lantern would be the Teen Lantern from Young Justice, who has technology that hacks into the Green Lantern battery power.

Also that Wonder Woman would undergo the change first – initially planned for January 2021 but possibly being brought forward to November 2020.

Oh and major DC Comics creators getting ready for a big change in about a year's time.

Naturally, there was a lot of scepticism about Bleeding Cool's reportage of all this. We couldn't name sources, just that these were among DC Comics creators and staffers at New York Comic Con.

Today though, fellow comics news website Comics Beat went all-in, reporting 5G for the first time as well, with their own sources. EIC Heidi MacDonald is a former DC Comics editor and a wide set of contacts too and she contributed to the report by Zack Quaintance, who reported

The Beat has now confirmed with multiple sources that this is in fact what's coming, or at least that's currently the plan. In addition, next year will likely see another crisis setting things up, combined with a hypertime concept to explain in part how heroes who debuted long ago remained active for so long.

A new Crisis for DC Comics. Dealing with that 60 years-in-85-years timeline that would turn Superman and Batman into pensioners and put the DC Universe into 1999, we also identified.

And specifically confirming Bleeding Cool's stories about Luke Fox being the new Batman and Jonathan Kent being the new Superman.

More to come, no doubt. And yes the DC timeline was shown off on DC Daily back in September and we never even saw…

A New "Crisis" For DC Comics in 2020, Ahead of 5G

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