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Gwen Stacy Gets To The Heart Of The Ultimate Spider-Man (Spoilers)

Writing for Bleeding Cool, I've been making the case for a selfish Ultimate Spider-Man. Not everyone is happy about this.

Article Summary

  • Exploring a selfish take on Ultimate Spider-Man's mid-life crisis choice.
  • Peter Parker's avoidance of consequences for his powers may not last.
  • Gwen Stacy's commentary in latest issue supports critical superhero view.
  • Ultimate Spider-Man faces moral dilemmas and potential life alternatives.

Writing for Bleeding Cool, I've been making the case for a selfish Ultimate Spider-Man. That this Peter Parker, rather than having his powers thrust upon him, chose them during a mid-life crisis. Akin to getting a motorbike or a sportscar and then going on drag racing, when you are married with young kids. Oh, and putting one of the kids in the front seat with you. I've also seen that this Peter Parker has not had to pay as heavy a price for getting his powers. And have suggested, as a result, that this might not always be the way. A price may have to be paid before he gets to save the day. And hey, he's got two kids to choose from.

Naturally, not everyone likes my deductions. It seems to have enraged a few. Apparently I am wrong that it is a selfish act. I am wrong that Mary Jane won't have a problem when she finds out the truth (four months in, Peter Parker has not told her.) And I am wrong that there are negative consequences for these decisions. In today's Ultimate Spider-Man, Gwen Stacy appears to back me up, at least in part. Peter Parker is fulfilling a need to be Spider-Man, "for good for bad". But goes further and analyses the whole superhero aspect of the form and genre.

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The existence of superheroes proves that there is a problem. Of course, this is in a world that is run by superpowers who have decided it between them, and control their citizens whether they know it or not. And that could never happen, right? Norman Osborn knows the nature of this world, if you read in between the lines.

Gwen Stacy Gets To The Heart Of The Ultimate Spider-Man (Spoilers)

As for Gwen Stacy and Peter Parker, given that in Ultimate Spider-Man, he is married to Mary Jane, how much do you want to read into this suggestion that, in all aspects of his life, there are… alternatives?

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Ultimate Spider-Man #4 by Jonathan Hickman and David Messina is published today. The debate continues on Twitter.

(W) Jonathan Hickman (A) David Messina (CA) Marco Checchetto
WHO IS THE GREEN GOBLIN? Peter Parker's secret life starts fraying the edges of his personal life! J. Jonah Jameson and Ben Parker's pursuit of truth – or, at least, the news – stirs unrest with the world at large… And now that Spider-Man may not have to operate alone, the real work of rebuilding this corrupt world can begin!
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