Deadpool Applies for Australian Citizenship in Deadpool #14 (Preview)

In next week's Deadpool #14, the Merc with a Mouth makes a shocking change that will rock the Deadpool universe to its core! It looks like Deadpool is giving up his Canadian heritage to become… an Australian? At least, that seems to be Wade's intention in this preview, though his new Australian teammates seem to have a few objections…

Deadpool Applies for Australian Citizenship in Deadpool #14 (Preview)

Plus they do appear to be getting on Deadpool's nerves as well.

Deadpool Applies for Australian Citizenship in Deadpool #14 (Preview)

To be honest, everyone has heard of Deadpool. He's even got a hit movie franchise. But these Australians just aren't showing him the respect he deserves.

Deadpool Applies for Australian Citizenship in Deadpool #14 (Preview)

Maybe Deadpool is better off sticking with Canada? They did just win their first NBA Championship. Besides, Deadpool can't really be feeling Australia that much. He's walking around with a sword and he's yet to make a "that's not a knife, this is knife" joke. Disappointing, Deadpool.

Deadpool #14 hits stores on Wednesday.

Deadpool #14
(W) Skottie Young (A/CA) Nic Klein
• The war against the trolls grows larger! The likelihood of Deadpool not causing an international incident grows smaller!
• Prepare for carnage as only a nation begun as a penal colony can deliver!
Parental Advisory
In Shops: Jun 19, 2019
SRP: $3.99


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