Deadpool Fan Can Own The Uncanny Avengers Call Me Maybe Cover

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Deadpool art has had an interesting roller coaster these last couple of years. Like all comic art, the market has been booming as of late, with the art of the Merc With a Mouth shooting up in value as well. This extends to covers as well, like the one being offered in a ComicConnect auction right now, which is set to end on May 18th. With a little over a day to go, the "Call Me Maybe" variant cover art for Uncanny Avengers #1 featuring Deadpool himself by artist Mark Brooks is sitting at a very attainable price of $1,150 as of this writing. The cover is pen and ink and signed by the artist.

Uncanny Avengers #1 Call Me Maybe cover by Mark Brooks
Uncanny Avengers #1 Call Me Maybe cover by Mark Brooks. Image Credit: ComicConnect

Deadpool Art Is So Hot Right Now

"Planned to coincide with Marvel's "Marvel Now" relaunch of existing titles, the creative team of Rick Remender and John Cassiday introduced the Uncanny Avengers, a mash-up of the two hero teams Avengers and X-Men. This first issue has a plot that involves Red Skull obtaining the brain of the recently deceased Charles Xavier for nefarious purposes no doubt. The issue had many variant covers released upon publication, including this awesome Mark Brooks Deadpool cover. It shows the sardonic superhero making the "Call Me Maybe" hand gesture as he stands in front of a list of comically clever reasons he should be allowed to join the Avengers. Brooks is primarily known for his work on Deadpool and the character's extended universe, so this is guaranteed to be a popular item for his legion of devoted fans."

Honestly, unless you are talking about old school art, a Deadpool piece, or Mark brooks for that matter, is a home run add to someone's collection. Brooks star has risen dramatically these last few years, with pieces by him fetching thousands. This variant also had some buzz around it when it was released in 2012; you could only get it from a store that opted into the launch party for the book. Remember when that was a rare thing? That this cover art features Deadpool, just rounds out what is an exceptional piece. This auction will end on May 18th, and it is part of Session 1 of Event Auction #42.

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