Derek Charm Shoots Arrows Of Nostalgia In Powerpuff Girls Super Smash Up #3

Powerpuff_Girls_Super_Smash-Up!_3aFrom IDW Publishing, The Powerpuff Girls Super Smash Up, written and illustrated by Derek Charm, is a whimsical combination of your favorite Cartoon Network characters, and issue #3 adds Cow and Chicken to the mix! After a brief detour of Bubble's losing her transporter bracelet, the girls and Dexter must figure out a way to find Dee Dee and spray her with Chemical-Y.

When we first meet Cow and Chicken they are putting on a performance for their parents and some of the neighborhood. This catches the attention of the notorious Red Guy, who pretends to be an agent and begs for Cow and Chicken to sign with him. While the two agree, it isn't long before he discovers the mutated Dee Dee and takes her under his wing instead. By the time the Powerpuff Girls arrive, they must work together as a team to find Dexter's sister. Derek Charm's script is incredibly entertaining, witty, and fun. It's like he shoots arrows loaded with nostalgia straight to my heart. Especially when I read lines like, "Supercow Al Rescate!" Filled with action, humor, and colorful scenes, Powerpuff Girl's Super Smash Up continues to be dazzling. I won't spoil how this installment ends up, but you should do yourself a favor and pick up this comic.

Issue #3's bonus story features The Grim Adventures of Billy & Mandy, written by Rachel Deering, with art by Christine Larsen. I'm not going to beat around the bush, I've never watched an episode of the show. Of course the characters are familiar to me from commercials and such, but other than that, this was my first instance. The story focuses on Billy and Mandy's want to buy a new video game. Mandy decides to enter a beauty pageant to make money to get the game. Things end on a comical note, sure to bring a smile to your face.

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