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If you are in a position to hire them or pass their details on to someone who might, there is a plethora of talent suddenly available to you. Keith Davidsen – Director of PR and Marketing is a 23-year comic industry veteran who had just marked his five-year anniversary with IDW Publishing He'd previously done[...]
Jamie S Rich, Mark Doyle & Tara McCrillis Heading Up IDW Going Forward
I just wish many of my friends were too."   This is the current list of laid-off staff at the publisher, as represented to Bleeding Cool Blake Kobashigawa – SVP of Sales, Marketing & Strategy – IDW Publishing Nachie Marsham – Publisher – IDW Publishing Keith Davidsen – Director, Public Relations & Marketing – IDW Publishing Greg Gustin – Senior Director, Content Strategy[...]
All Four Distributors Together For The First Time At ComicsPRO
Cebulski will be there to pass it on to David Gabriel. Flickr: /Jiuguang Wang  Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 2.0 Generic Companies planning to attend will include 2000 AD/Rebellion Publising, A Wave Blue World, Anomaly Productions, Bad Idea Comics, Battle Quest Comics, BCW Supplies, BINC, Book County Clearance House, Boom Studios, CEX Publishing, Comic Shop Assistant, Comic Hub, DC,[...]
SEGA & IDW Partner Up For Sonic The Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Comic
SEGA announced today that they have partnered up with IDW Publishing for a special run of Sonic The Hedgehog comic books The series is simply being dubbed the Sonic The Hedgehog 30th Anniversary Special, and we have the finer details of what will be involved with those comics below as you can see the covers[...]
Seven Secrets #2 Review:
Credit: IDW Publishing The story is one that fans of the books will find familiar… but in a comfortable way rather than a hackneyed way Writer Marieke Nijkamp introduces Blake, a young girl with what seems to be a tragic (recent) past whose life is uprooted when she must move in with her aunt in a town[...]
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Credit: IDW Publishing This is a comic for dedicated Star Trek fans, as it focuses entirely on the Mirror Universe, where the utopian universe of Trek is replaced by hateful, distrustful, warped versions of the characters, characterized by aggression The genetically-engineered Khan, however, feels that he is destined to right what is wrong about this world, which[...]
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Sleeping Beauties #3 from IDW Publishing continues the comic book adaptation of Stephen and Owen King's novel Written by Rio Youers, drawn by Alison Sampson, colored by Triona Tree Farrell, and lettered Valerie Lopez, the series imagines a world spinning out of control after an illness spreads Yeah, all too familiar for us 2020 readers[...]
Stephen Mooney's Half Past Danger Returns With a Christmas Special
Mooney's creator-owned series Half Past Danger was first released by IDW Publishing back in 2013 and ran for two volumes It is a pulpy WWII story that pitted Staff Sergeant Tommy "Irish" Flynn, a soldier who thought he knew what monsters were, against a more literal group of monsters… dinosaurs Now, the series returns this[...]
Sleeping Beauties #1 & 2 Review: Here Come the Pandemic Comics
To be fair, Sleeping Beauties existed as a novel before the comic was published, and IDW Publishing had the license far before COVID-19 changed life as we know it… but this is certainly some darkly poetic timing Stephen King and Owen King's collaborative novel of the same name, which tells the story of a disease that[...]
IDW Opens Comic-Con@Home Webstore Amid Company Changes
IDW Publishing is in the midst of significant changes, as they bid farewell (again) to an architect that helped shaped the company into what it is today, while also letting the new guard rise That doesn't mean that they aren't here for their loyal readers and said readers' open wallets because they have just launched[...]
New Horror Comic Scarenthood From Nick Roche Lands at IDW
In a startling effort to out-pun Kieron Gillen, comics resident pun-slinging provocateur for the greater part of a decade now, IDW Publishing teams up again with writer/artist Nick Roche of Transformers fame for a new horror comic series called… Scarenthood Tensions between the English and Irish have never been so high as Roche plans to[...]
Star Trek: Year Five #12 Review:  Warp Factor “Holy Crap"
Starting off with one of those classic Kirk fight scenes normally accompanied by pounding horn stabs, certain doom is the only item on the agenda to protect the timeline from something Kirk can't even fathom. The cover of Star Trek: Year Five #12 published by IDW Publishing with the creative team of Jackson Lanzing, Collin Kelly, Kieran[...]
The logo for IDW Publishing is, despite all appearances, not a trash can on fire.
Yesterday, Bleeding Cool reported on IDW Publishing letting a number of employees go, permanently After Bleeding Cool posted the article, two former employees who we had named took to social media, to elaborate on their current position. Former IDW Managing Editor, Denton Tipton tweeted Hope this finds you and your family healthy and safe As some of[...]
D&D Days Of Endless Adventure Review-1
For some Dungeons & Dragons fans who were looking for more adventure beyond their table, IDW Publishing comic books about it since 2010 The series has been published in a somewhat irregular fashion with a couple of different writers taking up the helm But the ones that really caught media attention the past few years[...]
The series is based on the IDW Publishing comic book by Beau Smith. Here's the official announcement from SYFY: "Syfy has never wavered in its support of 'Wynonna Earp,' a unique and important series with some of the most passionate fans anywhere To our Earper friends: Thank you for your patience and faith as we worked with[...]
"Eve Stranger" #2: More Fun, More Humor, More... Jetpacks? (REVIEW)
Sure, you get books like Punk's Not Dead: London Calling, and that's really punk rock- but then, you get a book like Eve Stranger, which has all the punk sensibilities of Tank Girl with the frantic pacing of a Marx Brothers movie. [rwp_box_recap id="0"] //Credit: IDW Publishing Eve Stranger wakes up every week with the same routine- there's[...]
'Star Trek: The Q Conflict' #4: Q Messes with the Wrong Wormhole (REVIEW)
[rwp_box_recap id="0"] Four issues in on IDW's Star Trek: The Q Conflict, and I'm still having the time of my life. //Credit: IDW Publishing Q, Trelane, Ayelborne, and Metron have conscripted the best and brightest in Starfleet history to settle a cosmic wager, and so far, two of the crews have scored points in the galactic contest[...]
IDW Announces Dungeons & Dragons Infernal Tide at D&D Live 2019
IDW Publishing has announced today during D&D Live 2019 that they will launch a new series called Dungeons & Dragons: Infernal Tide this November The story will feature the talents of writer Jim Zub and artist Max Dunbar, the five-issue miniseries will kick off in November 2019 as fan-favorite Minsc and his friends find themselves[...]
Dungeons & Dragons' Next Adventure is Baldur's Gate: Descent Into Avernus
Today during D&D Live 2019, IDW Publishing and Oni Press unveiled the Rick and Morty vs Dungeons & Dragons: Chapter II: Painscape comic series Previously revealed a month ago through a tip-off, the next series will be written by Jim Zub and Sarah Stern, with art by Troy Little as they continue the adventure from the[...]
'Atomic Robo: Dawn of a New Era' #5 Ends "Kinder, Gentler" Storyline
[rwp_box_recap id="0"] Atomic Robo: Dawn of a New Era has been a very interesting departure from the typical Atomic Robo series, in that it was very much a typical Atomic Robo series, just without, you know, all the punching. //Credit: IDW Publishing By Robo, that is. There was a lot of punching, kicking, and fighting going on, especially between[...]
IDW's 'Star Trek: Year Five' #1 Beams up the Goods
We enter the bridge, darkened and empty, save for one shadowy figure seated in the captain's chair. //Credit: IDW Publishing It's Captain James Tiberius Kirk, and he's pretty much giving his own eulogy, as another figure stands behind him with a phaser to his head. //Credit: IDW Publishing That's about as effectively dramatic an opening as you can hope[...]
'Star Trek: Waypoint' Special 2019 Way too Much for Way too Little
By and large, IDW's Star Trek offerings have been fresh, innovative, and entertaining, but I'm afraid there's not a lot in 2019's Star Trek: Waypoint that I can justify recommending, especially with a $7.99 price tag. //Credit: IDW Publishing Star Trek: Waypoint is a collection of short stories set in different timelines of the Star Trek franchise,[...]
'Solo' Graphic Novel Adaptation Perfect Star Wars for Young Readers (REVIEW)
It's bright, the art is fun, and the story faithfully follows the plot-points of the movie- which is great, but still not anything I would shout from the roof-tops about. //Credit: IDW Publishing But then, this little voice was reading along with the story I know that voice It's 7 year old me, reading along with Archie[...]
Vicious Magpie Creatures Attack in 'Punks Not Dead: London Calling' #2 (REVIEW)
[rwp_box_recap id="0"] There is a two-page spread early on in issue 2 of Punks Not Dead: London Calling that took my breath away: '60s era mod super-spy Dorothy Culpepper is staring out of the wreckage of London- the city ablaze, chunky blocks of devastation littering the landscape. //Credit: IDW Publishing It's a scene so visceral, yet so simple,[...]