Eternals News From Marvel to Be Teased at New York Comic Con

Some people wonder why Marvel Comics publishing plans aren't quite as tied down in relation to their movies as DC Comics' titles tend to be. The big reason is that Marvel Comics tends to find out what Marvel Studios is planning about the same time you do. Which is why they get very excited when Bleeding Cool, or other sites, get leaks about what Marvel movies are coming through, as that means they can start trying to plan for it.

But they have known that Eternals is coming as a movie for some time. And have been able to line up reprint volumes of Jack Kirby's work, and others who tapped into that cosmic inspiration over the decades.

But what about something new? Well, we know that Annihilation: Scourge will kick things off in a cosmic fashion for the Marvel Universe later this year, and there are a Celestial or three knocking around the Avengers titles of late.

But as for a new Eternals title, series of titles, or planned event? I get the word we may get an Eternals teaser over what type of book we can expect at New York Comic Con next week. However, don't expect an Inhumans-style flooding of the market, with a series for each and every Eternal. Marvel has learnt its lesson a little there. You may get an ongoing series with a couple of spin-off series, and that will do for now.

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Eternals News to Be Teased at New York Comic Con?



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