Excavating Artifacts #13 (SPOILERS)

Yesterday, resident Bleeding Cool Topcowologists, looked at the thirteen issue run of the turning-the-Top-Cow-universe-upside-down-and-see-what-scurries-out comic, Artifacts, as the thirteenth issue was published.

But there are some observtions reserved solely for that issue. And, by the way, this means you do have to have read the final issue before you read on. Firstly to avoid spoilers, and secondly for it to actually make any sense at all.

Excavating Artifacts #13 (SPOILERS)

Tilly Grimes is wearing the Rapture (Artifacts #13, page 9), yet in the preview images for the ongoing Artifacts series Tom Judge has been shown wearing the Artifact. Who will be the bearer of this important Artifact?

Excavating Artifacts #13 (SPOILERS)The Glacier Stone appears to be abandoned in the snow (Artifacts #13, page 11). Are characters who died in the Artifacts event, still dead?

Excavating Artifacts #13 (SPOILERS)Excavating Artifacts #13 (SPOILERS)

The Curator's greeting to Jackie Estacado "The hour is late. I'm sorry, but I'm about to close for the evening." (Artifacts #13, page 12) is word for word the greeting he gave Tom Judge in Artifacts #1. Did that original scene happen in this new status quo?
Excavating Artifacts #13 (SPOILERS)

Dani Baptiste appears to be Patrick Gleason's partner and a NYC police detective (Artifacts #13, page 17). Previously, she was a dance instructor and the Angelus bearer… is she still?

Excavating Artifacts #13 (SPOILERS)

Sara Pezzini has moved to Chicago (Artifacts #13, page 18)… how does this tie into the events of Witchblade #150?

Excavating Artifacts #13 (SPOILERS)

Jenny Romano appears to be alive! Jenny died back in the first Darkness series back in 2011. Additionally it looks like she's married to Jackie Estacado and have a daughter named Hope (Artifacts #13, page 21). Clearly some pretty substantial changes have occurred in the Universe!

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