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The Clay People: Colossus: Top Cow and Ep1tome Release Free Preview
The Clay People: Colossus is a new comic book collaboration between Top Cow and the metal band THE CLAY PEOPLE TOP COW and EP1T0ME are now offering metal music lovers and comic book fans a FREE Digital 20+ page preview book of the upcoming one-shot comic, inspired by the band's song "Colossus" and written by Matt[...]
Image Comics To Publish The Clay People's Colossus in 2022
And now? Comic books. Image Comics studio Top Cow Productions, Inc is to partner with EP1T0ME Studios, Inc to co-produce and to publish The Clay People's Colossus as a comic book Written by Top Cow Preisdent Matt Hawkins and drawn by Magdalena's Christian DiBari, The Clay People's Colossus tells a story of "a bi-racial teenager in middle[...]
Top Cow Launches CyberForce 30th Anniversary Hardcover Kickstarter
Top Cow Productions has launched a Kickstarter campaign for the book with different editions and perks , the series that launched a new era of independent storytelling. Cyberforce Kickstarter graphic, Top Cow In celebration of Top Cow Productions/Image Comics' 30thanniversary, CYBERFORCE is being collected in a special action-packed 664-page hardcover collection of the original stories that launched[...]
Marc Silvestri Returns To The Darkness, On Kickstarter
Most notably, a game based on The Darkness was released for the PlayStation 3 and Xbox 360 in 2007, with a sequel in 2012. And now Top Cow is running a Kickstarter for The Darkness Complete Collection Vol 2 Hard Cover ending this week which will include The Darkness #1/2 Kickstarter Exclusive Issue by Marc Silvestri[...]
Henry Barajas Moves From Top Cow To Sales Manager At Oni Press
A lot has happened in those last two years, culminating in him leaving his position as director of operations at Image Comics studio publisher Top Cow and being named Sales Manager at Oni Press, effective today. Henry Barajas, photo by Raul Coto-Batres, used with permission. Barajas told Publisher's Weekly, "I'm excited to join Oni Press and their[...]
Marc Silvestri Darkness Kickstarter Promises New Ongoing Series
Darkness fans don't want to miss this epic introduction with art by Christopher Mitten with Top Cow fan-favorite colorist Bryan Valenza—and Troy Peteri returning to letter the series eight years later! It's worth noting that the snippet above only states that this is the creative team for the #1/2 issue, not that this will be the[...]
Hardcore #1 Finally A Hot Comic
In 2009, Image Comics and Top Cow solicited Hardcore #1, a new comic book by Robert Kirkman, Marc Silvestri and Brian Stelfreeze However, it wasn't actually published until 2012, over two years later Top Cow's entire Pilot Season from 2009 were written by Robert Kirkman, and none went to series, along with Murderer #1 drawn[...]
The cover to St. Mercy #1, a new comic from Top Cow by John Zuur Platten and Atilio Rojo, launching in July
A new series from Top Cow and Image Comics called St Mercy, by the creative team of John Zuur Platten and Atilio Rojo, will be set in the Wild West and tell the story of Mercedes Oro, a descendant of the Incan Empire protecting cursed gold used in human sacrifices, which is stolen by an[...]
A Man Among Ye Returns With Pirate Queen Anne Bonny in July
Where can I get it? From a comic shop? There are comic shops? Yes, there are. Pirate Queen Anne Bonny Returns in A Man Among Ye #5, in July And now the comic book is returning from Top Cow/Image Comics after a hiatus with a new artist, Josh George, for a new arc, in July. "I'm really excited[...]
La Voz De M.A.Y.O. Creator Launches Helm Greycastle Kickstarter
Henry Barajas, the creator of the Image Comics/ Top Cow La Voz De M.A.Y.O graphic novel, has launched a Kickstarter for a new Latinx graphic novel, Helm Greycastle, on Monday, November 9th This Latinx fantasy is rooted in real Mesoamerican history with a twist: what if the Aztecs and Mayans stopped the Spanish invasion of[...]
Buffy the Vampire Slayer #18 Review:
A Man Among Ye #3 continues the Image Comics/Top Cow-published historical-fiction pirate comic by writer Stephanie Phillips, artist Craig Cermak, colorist John Kalisz, and letterer Troy Peteri The first two issues blended fact and thrilling fiction in this gripping tale of Anne Bonny, Calico Jack Rackham, and Mary Read Can this third issue of A Man Among Ye keep up this[...]
A Man Among Ye #1 & #2 Review:
This new series from Top Cow, as the first issue's letter from writer Stephanie Phillips, explains, lives "on the edge of fact and fiction." But does Anne Bonny work as a comics anti-hero? A Man Among Ye #1 cover Credit: Top Cow The first two issues of A Man Among Ye see Stephanie Phillips constantly subverting expectations in this[...]
Thinking About Think Tank
Credit: Top Cow There's a big turn in Creative Destruction, where Loren struggles with a depressive episode by virtue of having a hand in killing someone just like him while the victim was laid up in a hospital Add to that the fact that Loren's CIA field agent girlfriend isn't around, and Creative Destruction ends on[...]
Twenty Five Years Later – Witchblade's Hero Stands the Test of Time
Just three years before Top Cow's debut of Sara Pezzini in the Witchblade franchise, Todd McFarlane, Jim Lee, Rob Liefield, Marc Silvestri, Erik Larsen, and Whilce Portacio separated from the comic industry conglomerates Marvel and DC and formed Image Comics. A cover of Witchblade #1 Credit: Top Cow Although the two newly formed distributors were releasing top[...]
Top Cow Celebrates SDCC With Complete The Darkness Collection
Top Cow has reinvented themselves in recent years with indie creator-owned hits, such as Stjepan Šejić's wildly popular erotic romance Sunstone, as well as Postal, the crime thriller that put Batman and the Outsiders' Bryan Edward Hill and Under the Moon: A Catwoman Tale's Isaac Goodhart on the map[...]