Is This The Fastest Kickstarter Project Ever

Is This The Fastest Kickstarter Project Ever

A day and a bit ago, The Order Of The Stick Reprint Drive went up on Kickstarter, looking to raise $57,750 to reprint a now out-of-print Order Of The Stick webcomic collection, the third volume, the 288 page long full colour The Order of the Stick: War and XPs

Creator of this minimalist role paying game themed webcomic, Rich Burlew gave the added incentive that anyone who pledged $10 or more would get an exclusive Order Of The Stick comic as a digital PDF and fridge magnet, while a $45 pledge would get you the book in question.

That was enough to do it. On the first day, he raised $47000. So far into the second day, he has already raised over $81,000, an average of $45 a person. Which means he'll also have enough to reprint the prequel book The Order of the Stick: On the Origin of PCs, and possibly more.

That's a phenomenal record, and may be the fastest in Kickstarter comics history. And he still has 28 days of fundraising left.

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