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Fox News & Dean Cain Show They Haven't Read Captain America Either

Over the weekend, Bleeding Cool reported on what were blatant lies published by The Washington Times over the latest United States Of Captain America comic published by Marvel Comics. Well, it seems that Fox News has been happy to go along with those lies –  and so was Dean Cain. It is not clear if anyone actually read the comic book they were commenting about. Fox News has stated that "Marvel is facing backlash for its latest comic, "The United States of Captain America," which says the American dream isn't real" when the comic book doesn't say that at all. It's like that the Washington Times headlined and Fox News copied, but not in the comic itself.

Fox News And Dean Cain Show They Haven't Read Captain America Either
Fox News screencap

But when Superman actor Dean Cain was told this on yesterday's Fox & Friends, he reacted that it was the "cool, the fashionable thing to do is to bash America and to hate America… I am on the exact opposite side of the fence. I love this country. It's not perfect. We are constantly striving for a more perfect union, as we all know. But I believe she's the most fair, equitable country ever with more opportunity than anyone's ever seen. And that's why people are clamoring to get here from all over the globe."

Captain America
Fox News screencap with Dean Cain and Captain America

Of course, the comic book is not on the opposite side of the fence to Dean Cain; it is just that Fox News and the Washington Times pretended it was by choosing to represent select panels, ignore those that contradict their take, and misquoting lines to justify their headlines. Cain also stated, "Supporting the flag and the red, white and blue in the United States of America makes me a revolutionary in some terms, which I'm fine with. I believe the pendulum will swing back to openly appreciating American values, the Constitution, the Bill of Rights as soon as people start studying them in school again."

Captain America
Fox News screencap

Which is pretty much the Captain America comic book that they are attacking is all about.  But nevertheless, Fox News has continued to retell and re-report this story ever since, despite the fact that it is based on a fallacy. Marvel Comics did not have Captain America state that The American Dream is not real. Rather he states that dreams weren't real. And while the world knows that Fox News is often out of touch with reality, that does seem to be taking it a little far.

And if the charge is Marvel Comics politicising Captain America, as they have now switched to, as before, Bleeding Cool would like to remind Fox that Captain America has always been politicised since his very invention, standing for intervention in World War II at a time when the US had an isolationist policy. And time after time over the decades has had Captain America struggle with his government, what he was meant to represent, and at three times thrown away his shield and costume, because of politics, before inevitably returning to the role. Arguably this version is far more subtle and nuanced than when Captain America used to call the United States Of America a piece of trash.

Of course, if you were looking for more politicized comic books, you should see what DC Comics is doing over on Suicide Squad…

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