A Fox Studios Technician Got Chris Claremont Back on Instagram

Earlier this month, comic book writer and New Mutants co-creator Chris Claremont posted on Facebook,

Okay, here's a serious question. Apparently, I have an Instagram account; sadly, I seem unable to access it. I have no idea whether or not it's actually mine (yes, I really am that much a Luddite, sorry) or if someone's swiped my ID. I have been utterly unable to get through to Instagram, either to get help or (which I thought would be far, *far* simpler) simply establish a new account and start over again from scratch. This is *very* frustrating, because there's lots to share. Can anyone offer help-suggestions-advice before what's left of my head explodes in a quintessential over-reaction?

Well, as part of engaing with Fox Studios over publicity with Louise and Walter Simonson for the upcoming New Mutants movie, Chris Claremont got the answers he wanted.

Just to let the (Facebook!) world know, I have (at *very* long last and with the help of one of the tech guys working at today's Fox shoot ((interviews with myself + Walter & Weezie Simonson, re "Dark Phoenix"))) *finally* figured out how to great my Instagram working and have even started posting! So, for anyone here interested in seeing how I spend my time when I should be working (& the more of you, the better, the better to impress publishers who are apparently evaluating submissions somewhat on the basis of social media interest, go figure), log into CHRISCLEARMOUNTAIN. Afterwards you can come back here and post @ length about what/who you saw there. Certainly sounds great to me; heck, I might even try it myself.

Let's go take a look…


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Puppy Oona, enjoying her humans! My first post!

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Same dinner, same place, me & Weezie Simonson, one of the very best editors I ever worked with @ Marvel.

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149 followers so for – let's see if we can up that number a little.

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