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Full Name Of Wonder Woman's Daughter, Trinity, Revealed (Spoilers)

Why is Wonder Woman's daughter called Trinity? And what is her real full name? Bleeding Cool has a Wonder Woman #800 leak just for you.

Tom King and Daniel Sampere will be the new creators of the ongoing Wonder Woman comic book from DC Comics later this year. Sampere tweeted,  "I'm very excited to introduce you to Wonder Woman's daughter, TRINITY! Making her debut in issue #800. Our short story will take place in the future and will serve as a prelude for our upcoming new series coming out in September! Created by @TomKingTK and me. Colors @tomeu_morey". Tom King has given us her not-made-up name as well, "Meet Lizzie, daughter of Diana; Trinity, daughter of Wonder Woman."

Now Wonder Woman Has A Daughter, Trinity
Lizzie is Wonder Woman's New Daughter, Also Known As Trinity

In recent years, Superman has seen Clark Kent and Lois Lane have a son, Jonathan Kent, the new Superman of Metropolis. Batman has seen Bruce Wayne presented with his son, courtesy of Talia Al Ghul, Damian Wayne, the new Robin. And now, through whatever means, Wonder Woman has a daughter, Trinity.

Grown-Up Damian Wayne, Jonathan Kent & Trinity from Wonder Woman #800

Tom King tweets, "Trinity debuts in Wonder Woman #800, in a story set about 20 years in the future. The story of how we get to that future will be told starting in Wonder Woman #1" and that "I'm showing you pictures from a future story. In Wonder Woman 800, Lizzie is 19 in a story that takes place 20 years from now. So she's significantly younger than Damian and Jon."

Grown-Up Damian Wayne, Jonathan Kent & Trinity from Wonder Woman #800


Bleeding Cool has learned that at one point in their future lives, Damian Wayne promised Bruce Wayne that they would look after Trinity. Damian's interpretation of that, wanting to take her to a Killer Croc fight when she was five, was something that Jonathan Kent objected to. As to her superhero name, Trinity is fated to be the first holder of the Three Lassos of Fate. We know the Golden Lasso, but there are others. She is also the Champion of the Amazons and, in this future, she will be the leader of the Justice League. And then there is her real name…

Wonder Woman's Daughter Trinity's Name is Elizabeth Marston Prince

Her friends may call her Lizzie, but her first name is Elizabeth. I have already suggested that might have resulted from Queen Elizabeth II's death and Wonder Woman's spent years living in London. But her full name is Elizabeth Marston Prince. And in that case, it's suddenly more apparent. Elizabeth Marston was the inspiration for Wonder Woman, wife to creator William Moulton Marston, and classed by many as her co-creator. If Elizabeth Marston was the mother of Wonder Woman, as she is often dubbed, she is also the chosen name for Wonder Woman's daughter.

DC Comics publishes Wonder Woman #800 on the 20th of June.

(CA) Yanick Paquette
Written by Becky Cloonan, Michael W. Conrad, Tom King, Art by Joelle Jones, Todd Nauck, Daniel Sampere, and others. Whatever Happened to the Warrior of Truth? It concludes in a landmark 800th issue! Diana's visions become more vivid as she finds herself trapped in the dreams of those around her! As she struggles to escape, her life as Wonder Woman hangs in the balance. When the dust settles, will she still be the Amazons' greatest champion? Find out in this extra-special celebration!
Retail: $5.99 In-Store Date: 6/20/2023


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