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More Multiversal Questions In Next Week's DC Comics (Spoilers)
And for now, so will Damian Wayne too And Tom Taylor's explanations in the panel echo in some of the words in that first issue, out tomorrow – especially Damian Wayne Who Taylor assures us isn't going anywhere. Superman: Son Of Kal-El "It's easy enough to punch a space robot but it's harder to punch social inequity[...]
Jonathan Kent, Superman, Will Get A New Look - The Cover Lied To You
We pointed out a few notable changes about Jonathan Kent's birth, but also noted how Damian Wayne was still interacting with Jonathan Kent. Superman: Son Of Kal-El #1 As part of the Superman panel at San Diego Comic-Con@Home, DC editor-in-chief Marie Javins talked to  Tom Taylor about his Jonathan Kent, Son Of Kal-El, plans – including a[...]
Bad Boy Damian - The Daily LITG, 21st July 2021
Even if a few scabs need pulling off first. Supernatural: Jensen Ackles Shared BDay Message for Jared Padalecki Archer: The Band's Back Together in FXX's Official Season 12 Poster Grant Morrison Predicted Events Of 2020 and 2021 In 2007's Batman NECA Comic Con Panel Reveals: TMNT, Gargoyles, Horror, And More Damian Wayne Would Have Been The Big Bad Of The[...]
Damian Wayne Would Have Been The Big Bad Of The 5G DC Universe
This week Bleeding Cool ran the planned new DC Timeline which would have seen Batman and Superman aged up to their late fifties, Nightwing into his forties, Jonathan Kent to 23 and Damian Wayne to 18 Bleeding Cool understands that creators were asked to just portray the new characters as these ages without explanation, jumping[...]
Grant Morrison Predicted Events Of 2020 and 2021 In 2007's Batman #666
It showed a future where Damian Wayne was Batman, his father Bruce Wayne, and adoptive brother Dick Grayson long gone And this Batman was keeping the peace fifteen years in the future Which is about now And in the middle of doing some "research," Tim Seeley picked up on some Nostradamus antics of Grant Morrison[...]
First Look At Lazarus Island In Robin #1 - But Not Mother Soul Yet
Damian Wayne's new series Robin #1 by Josh Williamson and Gleb Melnikov is going to FOC on Easter Sunday So Clarke Bull at DC Comics is sending out the following preview to help goose those ordering numbers from comic book retailers. Now that Damian Wayne has severed his ties to both Batman and the Teen Titans,[...]
Damian Wayne - Going Purple In Infiniter Frontier?
Damian Wayne's new look has been shown off in the new Robin series launching from DC Comics Infinite Frontier in May. Damian Wayne – Born To The Purple In Infinite Frontier? But next week's Batman #106 – and I think I can show you this with no harm done – has Damian Wayne rocking more of a[...]
James Tynion IV Promises Punchline Vs Flatline In Batman Comics
Flatline is a new character being introduced to the DC Universe by Joshua Williamson and warrior against boring headshots Gleb Melnikov in their new Robin series starring Damian Wayne. In his most recent Empire Of The Tiny Onion newsletter, Batman writer James Tynion IV has expressed his excitement at the creation of the character, what it[...]
Next Batman And Robin – Tim Fox, Damian Wayne Get Own DC Comics
As well as Damian Wayne getting his first solo series and answering all those questions about what happened to him, after leaving the Robin role in Teen Titans and Detective Comics And maybe whatever it was that Tim Drake was talking about in Future State: Robin Eternal… Next Batman: Second Son THE NEXT BATMAN: SECOND SON #1 (W)[...]
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It's Damian Wayne time. DC Comics is making big moves to its publishing formats and schedules from March 2021 They have reduced the amount of titles to 36, less than half what they used to have recently But a number of these have increased their size, with back up strips and anthologies now the norm rather[...]
Tim Drake is Officially Going By 'Drake' in Young Justice #8
Which comes along at a convenient time, because in Teen Titans, Damian Wayne is not… In recent issues of Young Justice, Brian Michael Bendis has given Tim Drake, Robin, Red Robin, whatever you will, a new name Inspired by the identity adopted by his own parallel dimension version of himself, he went with his own[...]
Damian Wayne, Murderer...
In Legion Of Super-Heroes #3 at the beginning of the year, we got a glimpse of what Damian Wayne's future may be. Legion #3. Because just as they know all about Jonathan Kent, Superboy, they seem to have a fairly good idea about Damian Wayne Even if it's something they are not that keen to talk about. Legion[...]
Damian Wayne Heads to the Future in January's Legion of Super-Heroes #3
Set up in the pages of Superman #16 and teased in an early look at the cover to Legion of Super-Heroes #3, DC's full January solicitations have definitively revealed that Damian Wayne will be joining Jonathan Kent as a guest of the Legion of Super-Heroes in the future The solicit tells us that Wayne will[...]