Gene Ha! Exclusive! At DC Comics!

Gene Ha! Exclusive! At DC Comics!It's been common of late for companies to sign artists exclusively to work for a company and then bellow it from the rooftops. Like an more expensive version of Pokemon, but played across comics news site home pages rather than the schoolyard.

Which means the exclusive deal with Gene Ha, co-creator of Top Ten, is peculiar since, even though it got signed around C2E2, no one has told anyone yet.

It may well that DC are waiting for a big upcoming project to be ready before saying anything about it. Or it could be they just forgot.

Either way, you know now. I hear there is a big summer project he's working on, and something with James Robinson.

And with Zander Cannon having laid out much the final six issues of the amazing Top Ten Season Two, there's always a chance we may get that sometime from Gene and DC too… a slim, slim chance.

I do hope so. And for Gene Ha fans, a rather big Bleeding Cool treat in a couple of hours.

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