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Cover Watch: Every Retailer Exclusive Variant For Keanu Reeves’ BRZRKR #1
Now, we're hearing that the orders are even bigger than anyone would have predicted, but more on that soon. No doubt part of BRZRKR's record-setting sales are thanks to the retailer exclusive variant covers And while the 36 retailer exclusive variants make for an impressive line up, including cover artists like J.G Jones, InHyuk Lee, Mike[...]
DC and Marvel Offer Retailer Exclusive Covers For February To April
DC Comics has issues details of the comic books that will be made available for retailer exclusive covers for April 2020 To get an exclusive retailer cover from Marvel or DC, shops, shows or creators have to order a minimum of 3000 copies, with subsequent variants of the variant at 1500 and 1000 They pay[...]
Patrick Gleason Creates Own Exclusive Venom Webhead Cover
And just as Patrick did an exclusive version of that first cover from his own website, a virgin variant cover that is selling for from $300 to $500 on eBay. Now Patrick Gleason has done another exclusive cover from his website for Venom #33 With Non-US customers dealing with Scott's Collectibles And at $25 standard, $35[...]
When Your Store's Exclusive Variant Comes With Another Store's Logo
ComicBookExclusives is a new comic bookseller, set up expressly to create and sell retailer exclusive covers from various publishers And their first such cover was for the much-in-demand Star Wars: The High Republic #1 from Marvel, with artwork by Paolo Villanelli as a homage to the original Clone Wars #1 comic book cover by Dave Filoni[...]
The Walking Dead: World Beyond series finale screencap image.
But no matter what, they have to keep pushing forward- but as you're about to see in the following exclusive Bleeding Cool clip from "The Deepest Cut," that's not as easy as it sounds when you find yourselves taking on a particularly nasty combo of empties and barb wire: The Walking Dead: World Beyond season 1,[...]
Other History Of The DCU Retailer Variants For Black History Month
DC Comics are majorly upping their retailer exclusive cover variant opportunities in February Sometimes you get one a month, occasionally you get two, but for the 28 days of February 2021, you get three I can see why DC is stepping up their numbers, basically you add thousands of sales, someone else does all of[...]
Exclusive Digimon: Last Evolution Kizuna Clip Prepares for Battle
Digimon Adventure: Last Evolution Kizuna is coming soon to audiences in the US, and ahead of the release, we're sharing an exclusive clip! For those of you who are long-time Digimon fans, this clip, in particular, is an homage to the origin of Digimon itself, preparing for a battle between an amped-up Parrotmon with a now-grown[...]
Magic: The Gathering's Land's Wrath Commander Decklist Revealed
The Land's Wrath Commander deck, tying in as one of two Magic: The Gathering precons with the game's newest upcoming expansion, Zendikar Rising, is being revealed right here, right now! And, to top it off, we have an exclusive interview with Gavin Verhey, Lead Deck Architect. Obuun, Mul Daya Ancestor, the face of the Land's Wrath[...]
YuMe Harry Potter Capsule Toys Hit Walmart On July 17th
Right around when SDCC would have been, a bunch of products will be in stores as exclusives that fans otherwise would not have been able to get unless they were at the show The Harry Potter figures will come in a blind box, shaped like the Hogwarts crest with the contents including a random figure,[...]
The soundtrack to Behind You by Christian Davis releases on April 21st.
Tonight Bleeding Cool can exclusively preview two tracks from the soundtrack to Behind You by Christian Davis Davis has worked on films such as Dwight and Shining Armor, The Other Side of Heaven 2: Fire of Faith and Christmas Eve The soundtrack to the film releases digitally on April 21st You can hear the tracks[...]
Funko Announces “Empire Strikes Back” Pop Diorama for 40th Anniversary 
These figures will be released every other month over the next year and are exclusive to Amazon The Funko Deluxe piece is priced at $24.99 and is up for pre-order already You can find links and more located here For the other 5 deluxe Pops it looks like we will also be getting: Han with Lightsaber Roaring[...]
Doomsday Smashes with New Exclusive Iron Studios Statue
Doomsday is making his appearance with a new exclusive event statue coming from Iron Studio Doomsday is based off the concept art from the character He does come with a second head that shows off his unmasked and more beastly face He has a constant very detailed base even showing a Torrent Superman symbol as[...]
All Might Funko Pops Tell Us That They Are Here! [Review]
All Might has gotten three Funko Pop final characters, one of them is an exclusive. First off, we're going to look at the All Might teacher, which is based off the original mode with just a new outfit All Might teacher is posing his original mold with posed with his thumbs up The newest addition is[...]