Graham Crackers Has Four Different Detective Comics #1000 Covers by Jim Lee

Bleeding Cool readers will recognise Graham Crackers Comics from the weekly Bleeding Cool Bestseller Lists, contributing sales data from their twelve comic book stores. Yeah, twelve, the recently opened another one.

And when it comes to retailer-exclusive covers to Detective Comics #1000 they are really greedy. They have four. And not only do they have four, but they are all drawn by DC Comics' Publisher Jim Lee.

I mean, seriously. There will be none left for anyone else.

Which is why they are sharing the four covers with three other stores and giving each a lead cover. Though all four will be available in Graham Crackers stores.

Each features one of Batman's rogue gallery, themed across the decades.

There's a Golden Age Batman with Joker, a Jim Lee exclusive from Torpedo Comics in Arizona,

Silver Age Batman with Catwoman, a Jim Lee exclusive from Bedrock Comics in Texas.

A Bronze Age Batman with Harley Quinn,  a Jim Lee exclusive from Graham Crackers Comics.

Modern Age Batman with Bane, a Jim Lee exclusive from Album Comics in France,



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