Grant Morrison Draws Jack Kirby's Captain Victory And The Galactic Rangers

For the final issue of their latest series Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers, Dynamite is pulling in the big names. Series regular Nathan Fox is joined by Benjamin MarraDan McDaidJim MahfoodMichel FiffeNick Dragotta, Tradd Moore, and some guy named Grant Morrison.

Writer Joe Casey had this to say about the sixth and final issue:

"There is a moment that occurs in the history of any artistic medium that truly defines it. This is one of those moments. Our sixth issue is the reason Johannes Gutenberg birthed his culture-altering invention. In the face of what we've accomplished here, even sliced bread can suck it. And on top of the massive creative achievement of having all these artists contributing to this issue, we'll also — once and for all — make explicit the conceptual connection that Kirby himself only hinted at in his run. The true history of Captain Victory will finally be revealed! It's all-new and it's all-gods, not to mention exposing the dark side of Victory's origins. Retailers worldwide should order big and order often."

Since its launch in August, Captain Victory and the Galactic Rangers has strived to push all boundaries of sequential storytelling – a noble goal that its creative team hopes can honor the legacy of Jack Kirby.  A legendary writer/artist whose visual style and design sense defined the Silver Age of Comic Books, Kirby first introduced the Captain Victory character to audiences in 1984, during a period of unfettered creative freedom.

After five issues of star-spanning adventure, wherein the crew of the Tiger lost their captain (and the titular hero underwent an unbelievable transformation), the final issue of the Captain Victory series promises something that Jack Kirby tantalized readers with many years back, but only in passing: the secret origin of Captain Victory.

Regarding his part in the Captain Victory project, Grant Morrison had the following to say:

"I've written a couple of Jack Kirby characters in the past but the opportunity to draw one was too good to pass up – as was the chance to work on a script by the unstoppable Joe Casey. I've known Joe for years and we're both devotees of the King and his Kosmos, but Captain Victory marks our first collaboration and our first chance to indulge in some Kirby-related celestial hi-jinks together. You know the drill, space soldiers; Don't ask! Just buy!"

Captain Victory And The Galactic Rangers is due in stores in January. For more information click here.

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