Greg Pak Just Killed Off Regan From All-Star Superman

Do you remember Regan from All-Star Superman by Grant Morrison and Frank Quitely? Her name was scattered through the book…

All Star Superman #10 (2008) - Page 8


Lots of people have written about this scene. Lots of people.

In this week's Batman/Superman, three people are assassinated.


One of whom, next issue we will discover is Glory Miau, a pop star originally known as Felicity Regan, who Superman saved from committing suicide.


Basically Greg Pak killed off a character who affected so many people, so very much. A sequel to All-Star Superman, people are going to be up in arms?

But is it Felicity Regan the Regan character from before? Felicity could also be, from JMS's Grounded arc…

11kinpsLess emotion for this iteration I fancy. Unless it's the same person from both who Superman keeps stopping from committing suicide.

Okay. So you get to choose…


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