Hachette Releases Marvel Catalogue For The End Of 2012

Hachette have released their Marvel catalogue from September to December, listing a number of new books, and details on projects Marvel is yet to announce. Tom Huxley took a ride through and picked out some of the following;

You know what they say. Wait a year and a half for the first Journey Into Mystery paperback, then four come along at once. Marvel appears to be moving a number of its lower-tier series over from the system of being collected in Premiere HC format before reprinting in paperback – but having held back its Fear Itself TPBs all year, they've found themselves squeezing JIM's first four volumes into a tight three month schedule.

Other books apparently moving over to paperback-only include: Winter Soldier, Thunderbolts, Captain America And, Hulk, Age of Apocalypse, Venom, X-Factor (as of volume 17), Avenging Spider-Man, Journey Into Mystery, New Mutants (as of volume 7), Fury MAX. Fill your boots with those Premiere HCs while you can.

Mysterious items that haven't been announced yet: Marvel Firsts Re-Evolution ("Great stories from the creators who have RE-EVOLUTIONIZED comics in the last decade!"), Spider-Man: Anniversary Series (a miniseries of untold Spider-Man tales in the mould of Hulk Smash Avengers), Spider-Man: Hobgoblin Incorporated (the next Amazing Spider-Man arc, featuring all the Spidey costumes) [Rich adds – Dan Slott says that this was never the title, that the next arc is called "Danger Zone". Probably Hobgoblin-related though.]

Big collections: The Stand omnibus, Criminal Deluxe Edition vol 2, Powers Definitive Edition vol 5, Incognito: Classified Edition, Deadpool Max omnibus, Deadpool Dead oversized HC (collecting 14 issues of the current storyline), Death of Spider-Man Omnibus (including the Ultimate Avengers tie-in issues, which were already included in the Ultimate Avengers omnibus), Uncanny X-Men by Matt Fraction the Complete Collection vol 1 (Fraction's first year on the title).

Anyone still wondering who's getting married in Astonishing X-Men would do well to pay attention to the title of the volume collecting that particular storyline: "Northstar".

Other interesting items include Marvel Tales by Alan Davis (collecting his new ClanDestine Annuals together with a Thor one-shot from a couple of years ago). Peter David's prose adaption of Astonishing X-Men: "Gifted". All the Fear Itself books in paperback. Lots and lots of AVX. And most importantly – digests reprinting Boom Studios' Toy Story comics and The Muppets by Roger Langridge.

Marvel continues to collect Bruce Jones' Incredible Hulk run in hardback – a run that was so well-regarded at Marvel that Jones was sacked from the book with fully written scripts junked and the whole thing immediately rendered out of continuity – along with a second and final volume of X-Men the Hidden Years, the cancellation of which drove John Byrne to vow never to work at Marvel again.

Older material back in print: Avengers Celestial Quest, Avengers: Bride of Ultron, Machine Teen, 2nd volumes each of John Byrne's Namor and X-Men Hidden Years, Spider-Man Revenge of the Sinister Six (the one with Ghost Rider and Gog), Deadpool Classic vol 7, Golden Age Captain America, Spider-Man: Nothing Can Stop the Juggernaut, X-Men the Wedding of Cyclops, X-Men Bishop's Crossing, Alpha Flight Classic vol 3, Spider-Man the Mutant Agenda, the final volume of Spider-Man Ben Reilly Epic (volume 6).

New Essentials: Punisher vol 4, Thor vol 6, Wolverine vol 6 and X-Factor vol 5.

And for the die-hard Marvel collector, a floor display stand.

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Hachette Releases Marvel Catalogue For The End Of 2012

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