NYX #3 Cover Art By Joshua Middleton Is On Auction At Heritage

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One of the more modern keys, NYX #3, was where the world was introduced to X-23. She is easily one of the most important mutants introduced in the last 20 years, fast becoming one of the most popular mutants as well. She even became Wolverine for a little while there. Without NYX #3, though, none of it is possible. Up now on auction at Heritage Auctions is the cover art for that key issue along with some concept art pages as well, a true treasure trove for any X-23 fan. These are the first drawings of Laura, and that has to mean something to quite a few fans out there. This auction ends on July 9th, so you have nine more days to bid. You can see the cover and concept pages for NYX #3 below.

NYX #3 Cover Art By Joshua Middleton

"Joshua Middleton NYX #3 Cover and Concept Art X-23 First Appearance Original Art Group of 3 (Marvel, 2004). The 2017 movie Logan clawed up $619 Million in worldwide revenue and introduced many to a female character who was "very much" like Wolverine. In the 2003 Season 3 episode "X23" of the animated X-Men: Evolution, her creator, writer Craig Kyle, first introduced us to the character who inspired X-23 in the film. Here we have the original cover art from the very first comic-book appearance of X-23. This cover and the concept pieces were originally acquired by Kyle directly from Joshua Middleton in 2004. NYX stands for "District X, New York City," and its third issue is one of the most valuable comic books released in the 2000s, right up there with Walking Dead #1, and this lot is quite possibly the most desirable piece of 21st-century comic art we have offered to date. The character X-23 would go on to join the cast of several of Marvel's various X-related titles. This cover piece is quite literally her first comic book appearance, as she wasn't even introduced in the previous issue, as is usually the case. There are two pieces of concept art included as well. Lastly, there is a section of original art that was intended to extend the cover art down another 4.25" inches. These are produced in graphite and/or blue pencil on Bristol board. The cover art measures 10" x 17.25". The other pieces are 11" x 15.5", 11" x 17", and 8.5" x 11" (this one is on paper with Zipatone sections). All are in Excellent condition."

What a cool piece of modern comics history. Again, you only have nine days to keep bidding on this one before it ends on July 9th. Currently, it is sitting at a cool $9,250, which is more than I could ever afford. That doesn't mean that you can't, though. Click here to check out this auction and more that are going on right now over at Heritage Auctions.

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