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This time around, we have X-23: Deadly Regenesis #3 hitting shelves on Wednesday, May 31st Brace yourselves, folks: Kimura's back, and she's in control X-23's gonna struggle with her healing factor taking a beating, but reassuringly, there's still stabbing Lots of stabbing. Oh and, of course, there's the "master plan." Because let's face it, what kind[...]
This week, we take a look at X-23: Deadly Regenesis #2 In this issue, X-23's newest opponent, Haymaker, really knows how to hold a grudge But why? To find out, we turn to our AI writing assistant, LOLtron LOLtron, what did you think of the preview? Just remember, don't try to take over the world[...]
PrintWatch: Phantom Road, No/One, X-23 & Scarlet Witch Get Seconds
Superstar writers KYLE HIGGINS (RADIANT BLACK) and BRIAN BUCCELLATO (Chicken Devil) and rising-star artist GERALDO BORGES (Nightwing) bring you the extra-length first chapter of a true crime superhero drama in its own corner of the MASSIVE-VERSE! PLUS! The story continues in "Who is No/One," a monthly companion podcast starring RACHAEL LEIGH COOK (She's All That)[...]
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Today's X-Men comic book X-23: Deadly Genesis, looks at the earlier days of Laura Kinney, Wolverine and/or Talon Long before the days of Krakoa, indeed, it is set just after she left the previous mutant island experiment, Utopia And then goes further back, looking at her early days, presented as a clone of Wolverine for[...]
Welcome to Bleeding Cool's preview of X-23: Deadly Regenesis #1! In this issue, X-23 takes some time off from the X-Men to catch up with old friends and make some new ones It should be a calm, relaxing comic, right? Right?! Joining me on this preview is Bleeding Cool's AI writing assistant, LOLtron Now, LOLtron,[...]
Wolverine Should Not Be Logan In The MCU, When The Time Comes
I want Laura Kinney, aka X-23, to be the MCU version of Wolverine She has a fresh backstory; you could even have a Jackman cameo to tell her origin if you must Yeah, she was in Logan, but this is the multiverse, bub Just like with Jackman, grab someone who is young and hungry to[...]
Laura Kinney X-23 Prepares for War with Iron Studios New X-Men Statue
I am honestly surprised they keep releasing mutants for this line, but their extensive lineup is quite impressive for Marvel Comics fans. A new member of the X-Men has arrived this time with the debut of X-23 (Laura Kinney) to the fight against the Brotherhood of Evil Posed on the wreckage of the X-Mansion, this young[...]
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With a kind of optimism and brightness that’s, frankly, been missing in action for Marvel’s merry mutants, X-Men #1's new take on the classic franchise
Wolverine (Laura Kinney) Pops Her Claws With Kotobukiya Bishoujo
This time the All-New Wolverine is back as X-23 takes over the mantle of Logan, as seen in Marvel Comics Standing at roughly 9.5" tall, Laura Kinney is showcased in her new blue and yellow costume as she poses in an action stance The statue is highly detailed, bringing this new Wolverine to life with[...]
X-Men Characters That Would Benefit from MCU TV Series on Disney+
Hell, you can even bring back Bolivar Trask (Peter Dinklage) since the character is very much alive at least in the Fox canon. Image courtesy of 20th Century Studios X-23: While we don't really know how long we'll see the X-Men into the MCU, there's no general hurry for an X-23 solo series with how things are[...]
Marvel Future Fight Launches New A New Update Featuring Dawn of X
Courtesy of Netmarble. Six new uniforms, including an X of Swords uniform for Cable, the Excalibur uniforms for Gambit and Rogue, and an All-New Wolverine uniform for X-23 will arrive in the game Also, in honor of his 30th anniversary, the original 30th Anniversary Black Version and 30th Anniversary White Version uniforms for Deadpool are now available for players to collect[...]
Dafne Keen Says She Would Play X-23 Again, Of Course
Dafne Keen is a wonderful young actress who you will know from playing X-23 in Logan She was fantastic in the role, and right after that film came out, the rumors of her playing the character in her own film started, of course Nothing ever got off the ground, and then Disney bought Fox, essentially[...]
New Marvel Diamond Select Statues Arrive with Doom, X-23, and Hawkeye
Finally, X-Men fans can say hello to Laura Kinney aka X-23 with this claw popping statue The statue will be part of Diamond's Marvel Premier series and will stand 10" tall X-23 is displayed on a Sentinel's head and will be limited to only 3,000 pieces Each of these Marvel Comics statues will be an[...]
Disney+ Adding X-Men Films, Greatest Showman For Summer Movies Night
A young Logan or X-23 series can definitely be crowd-pleasers and who wouldn't want to see Daphne Keen in a sustainable vehicle given her performance in the James Mangold film? Disney, you're literally sitting on millions, possibly billions doing nothing with the X-Men not to mention the Fantastic Four for Phase IV. It's hard to[...]
Logan and X-23 Join The Hot Toys Cosbaby Line
The grizzled look of Wolverine and the rage of X-23 come to life in this piece that can fit in any collection. A lot of the Hot Toys Cosbaby figure have an interesting look that can pull some fans away. However, this set is just very well done that any fan can get behind[...]
NYX #3 Cover Art By Joshua Middleton Is On Auction At Heritage
One of the more modern keys, NYX #3, was where the world was introduced to X-23 She is easily one of the most important mutants introduced in the last 20 years, fast becoming one of the most popular mutants as well She even became Wolverine for a little while there Without NYX #3, though, none[...]
X-Men: James Mangold “Daphne Keen Carried Logan”
The young actress played Laura/X-23, a young female clone of Wolverine The main difference between the two is Logan/James Howlett has three claws on each hand and a skeleton enhanced by adamantium X-23 has two claws she can unleash from each limb They both have a healing factor, but James' is declining due to the[...]
Diamond Select is Bringing a TON of Exclusives to SDCC This Year
$200 Marvel Comics Gallery SDCC X-Force X-23 as Wolverine PVC Diorama She's back in black – and grey! Laura Kinney, a.k.a X-23, a.k.a the all-new Wolverine, changes her clothes in this Comic-Con-exclusive Marvel Gallery PVC Diorama Striking a menacing pose in her grey-and-black X-Force uniform, Laura stands approximately 9 inches tall atop an X-logo base and comes[...]
The Age of X-Man is Starting to Unravel (X-ual Healing 5-29-19)
I'm not sure where this fits into Jonathan Hickman's relaunch plans, but the book has been selling well, so hopefully Marvel finds a way to keep this going in one form or another. X-23 #12 (W) Mariko Tamaki (A) Diego Olortegui (CA) Ashley Witter • What truths lie behind the Harvest Company? • And does it mean the end[...]
Marvel's Honey Badger Got a Brand New Code Name in the Final Issue of X-23
The order, if you're wondering, goes Jonathan, Honey Badger, Lil' Wolvie from Exiles, X-23, Old Man Logan, Albert, and finally regular Wolverine All of this is objective fact and there's no point in arguing about it. And since X-23 stars 3 of the Top 5 Wolverines in Marvel Comics, it's utterly shocking that series came to[...]
SDCC 2019 Previews Exclusives TMNT, Batman Damned, Ghostbusters, and More!
SDCC 2019 exclusives are starting to be revealed, and first up is Previews World and Diamond Select Toys! They have tons and tons of exclusives this year, including Gallery statues of Captain Marvel, Flash, and Deadpool, other statues of X-23, Batman from Batman: Damned, and a Deadpool head bust A cool Mikey-as-Batman TMNT figure, a[...]
Funko Round-Up: Venomized Marvel Wave 2, Red Death, and More Hocus Pocus!
Groot, Thanos, Storm, Rocket, Daredevil, and X-23 all get the nod this time Look for these to invade stores this summer. Most of these products can be ordered or preordered right here. Funko announces tons of new products and licenses every day, let alone every week It can be a lot to keep up with[...]
Age of X-Meh: Ranking the Age of X-Man So Far [X-ual Healing 4-10-19]
It was a quiet issue built mostly on Logan's self-reflecting. X-23 #11 (W) Mariko Tamaki (A) Diego Olortegui (CA) Ashley Witter • X-23 vs Honey Badger! • But what could drive a wedge between these two sisters? • Meanwhile, X-23 digs deeper into the shadows of a secret new organization, HARVEST! Rated T+ In Shops: Apr 10, 2019 SRP: $3.99 The issue opens with[...]
This Week's X-23 Confirms Series Ending in May
This week's issue of X-23 confirms the writing that was on the wall for Marvel's best Wolverine ongoing X-23 will apparently end with May's X-23 #12 Though Marvel hasn't officially announced the book's cancellation, no solicitation for the book appeared in June's solicitaions, released last month The solicitation for May's X-23 #12 certainly looked pretty[...]
Blame it on Pop Music in Next Week's X-23 #11
But in this preview of next week's X-23 #11, we learn that X-23 prefers to stick with the classics It seems that Laura and Gabby have had a bit of a falling out Why? Well, it's not really clear. A flashback shows the two were getting along just fine only four hours earlier, on a mission[...]
The Ultimate Tech Bro Bad Guy in X-23 #10
Things have been getting clone crazy for X-23 and Honey Badger in the pages of X-23 recently The pair discovered yet another clone sister, except with damaged DNA that blocked her healing power Making matters worse, the clones have been mass-produced as cybernetic killing machines, being sold as weapons by Robert Chandler, an eccentric entrepreneur[...]
Gabby Gets Her Phone Hacked in Next Week's X-23 #9
Unfortunately, Honey Badger doesn't take cyber-security very seriously at all in next week's issue of X-23… That clone is probably posting to Gabby's Twitter account right now! How embarrassing! And you know no one actually believes you didn't post those comments when you claim you were hacked! X-23 #9 hits stores next Wednesday. X-23 #9 (W) Mariko Tamaki (A)[...]
Will a Non-Core X-Book Ever Survive the Experience? [X-ual Healing 1-9-19]
The only question is, will Marvel let Chris Claremont write any of them? Oh, and also, whose turn is it to die to make sure we understand this is serious? X-23 #8 (W) Mariko Tamaki (A) Diego Olortegui (CA) Ashley Witter Laura and Gabby face the creators of the X-Assassin…and find they might not agree on what to[...]
Honey Badger is the Best She is at What She Does in Next Week's X-23 #8
The clone sisters have found themselves in quite a conundrum in next week's X-23 #8 Having captured an assassin who appears to be a cyborg version of a genetically engineered clone from the same DNA source as them, they've brought her to supervillain prison The Tank, only to see that prison invaded by mysterious soldiers[...]