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Nyx #1 From Dynamite Tripled Numbers From 11,656 to Over 30,000 at FOC
The upcoming comic book series Nyx #1 went to Final Order Cut-Off for comic book retailers this past weekend, We mentioned it on our regular Thank FOC column Now we get the news that retailer orders for the launch issue and Vampirella/Chaos Universe spinoff written by Christos Gage and drawn by Marc Borstel, and published[...]
Christos Gage and Marc Borstel Launch New Nyx Series From Dynamite
That's Nyx, not NYX, a difference I am sure Marvel Comics trademark lawyers would have wanted to talk about, if Nick Barrucci hadn't trademarked the three letters back in July for printed comic books And now Christos Gage and Marc Borstel will be launching a new Nyx comics series from Dynamite Entertainment, created by Tom[...]
NYX #3 Cover Art By Joshua Middleton Is On Auction At Heritage
One of the more modern keys, NYX #3, was where the world was introduced to X-23 She is easily one of the most important mutants introduced in the last 20 years, fast becoming one of the most popular mutants as well She even became Wolverine for a little while there Without NYX #3, though, none[...]
Nyx Forgot Her Paraphernalia in Avengers: No Road Home #5
In next week's Avengers: No Road Home #5, villain, Queen of Night, and fabulous goth fashionista Nyx has a problem She's gotten her hands on some of the shards of mysterious black rock in which Zeus hid her stolen power, but she's just not sure what to do with it… Should she smoke it? Crush it[...]
Marjorie Liu To Write A Number Of Titles From Image Comics
And we may be seeing other creators Liu has worked with in the past as well. Who might that be joining Liu? Here's a run down of the favourites. Will Conrad and Sana Takeda, worked with Liu on Marvel's X-23.    Kalman Andrasofszky from NYX: No Way Out. Phil Noto, Amilcar Pinna, Gabriel Hernandez Walta or Mike Perkins from Astonishing X-Men[...]