Incognegro Renaissance #3 Review: A Compelling New Player Enters the Drama

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Zane finds himself at the mercy of an actress named Bette Mignom and her brute of a bodyguard. Bette knows more about Xavier and has more going on under the surface than Zane can imagine. She wants Xavier's manuscript, which Zane has. However, Zane is unsure if he can trust Bette. Worse yet, his editor wants him to get off this story.

Incognegro: Renaissance #3 cover by Warren Pleece
Incognegro: Renaissance #3 cover by Warren Pleece

This issue of Incognegro: Renaissance focuses primarily around the character of Bette. Zane remains the point-of-view character, but the comic centers around his interactions with Bette and everything he learns from her.

To the benefit of Incognegro: Renaissance, Bette is a great character, and she has a compelling backstory. It also connects integrally to Xavier's story, and it pushes the overall plot forward, if only a little.

She brings Zane out of his shell too, which allows us to get something of a better view of our protagonist. Zane is something of a passive observer in all of this, even as he tries to investigate the murder of Xavier. Giving Zane a character to play off and talk with — beyond asking questions — forces our lead to come out of his shell for the audience.

Incognegro: Renaissance #3 art by Warren Pleece
Incognegro: Renaissance #3 art by Warren Pleece

Warren Pleece's artwork continues to hold steady throughout this issue. While the comic makes no real attempt at creative visuals or playing with the setting, it does what it needs to do in terms of depicting the world and characters of Incognegro: Renaissance. While I will almost always vouch for adding color to a comic, the monochrome of this book is justified thematically and visually. As such, I'm willing to support it here.

Incognegro: Renaissance #3 adds another compelling character to the mix alongside Zane, and it gives her an absorbing backstory relevant to both the lead and the overall story. Pleece's artwork continues to get job done, and Mat Johnson's story continues to grab the reader. This one gets another recommendation. Check it out.

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