It's A Last Call For P. Craig Russell's Hardback Sketchbook Archives, Shipping In September

You may remember some time back, Bleeding Cool alerted you to the fact that P. Craig Russell was embarking on a major Sketchbook Archives project, digitally scanning sketches, lining up comparison pages with colors, and sampling images from his long and impressive career in comics. Based partly on the fact that he's kept a massive catalog of his own original art over the years.

At this point in the indiegogo campaign, with only 5 days left, the project has vastly exceeded its financial goals, and many of the tiers are sold out for goodies, but a few are still left, and most importantly, you can still get in on the ground level and just order the hardback sketchbook volume for 60 dollars, plus shipping, and arriving in September.

The project has already produced the printed edition for viewing on the site as well, so it's easy to see what you're signing up for:

sgf7204lcdhwgh4xzf4jzgfy5ipt98nng0xryatraw23x4wzdvesndgaqzi8gx26bk7g8gukifyjphnbq6nhqgblghrxt5itdhkdOrdering the Sketchbook Archives is an excellent way to celebrate comic art and support a comic creator directly—a kind of thank you for P. Craig Russell's many years of delightful work that you benefit from as well. He's done the hard work initially, and now again in putting the book together! You have 5 days to give him a round of applause. You can find the campaign here.

lojqqibmxm0ixlt4vvvl[Russell going through his sketchbooks, from the indiegogo campaign page]

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