It's Alive Joins Publishers Splitting Profits with Local Comic Shops

It's Alive has joined the growing list of independent comic book publishers to split profits with local comic shops. Many stores are closed due to an industry-wide shutdown. A cessation in the publication of new comics has put the industry in peril. In a void of action by the industry's largest publishers, independent publishers and small press are stepping up.

Drew Ford said of the plan, "We MUST support our incredible comic book retailers…the life blood of our industry! Currently, we have copies of Pink Lemonade by Nick Cagnetti, Breathers by Justin Madson, Red Range by Joe Lansdale, Sam Glanzman, Keith Lansdale and Jok LP, Airboy by Chuck Dixon, Brent Mckee, and Jok LP, Air War Stories by Sam Glanzman, and much more! Go grab some comics, and in doing so support your LOCAL COMIC SHOP! We can't let this industry die! #longlivecomics"

The cover to Red Range, one of the many comics published by It's Alive.
The cover to Red Range, one of the many comics published by It's Alive.

"During the COVID-19 lock-down, include the name of your Local Comic Shop at checkout, and It's Alive will send them half the money," Ford explained. It's Alive joins TKO Comics, Scout Comics, and Black Mask Studios in providing relief to local comic shops. The stores are currently suffering from the economic effects of state-wide stay-at-home orders and the industry hiatus.

It's Alive Joins a Growing Community of Support

"Comic Book Shops are the lifeblood of our industry, and Coronavirus is threatening their existence," read a statement from TKO announcing their plans in March. In their own statement, Scout Comics President James Haick addressed the crisis. "First and foremost, we here at Scout Comics hope you and your families are all safe during this insane time we find ourselves in. So much has changed in the last two weeks, leaving all of us in the industry wondering what we're going to do to survive in this new "normal" we are about to go through. After discussing things with the rest of the Scout partners we've decided to follow suit with the same amazing idea that our friends at TKO! and Black Mask are implementing."

It's good to see independent publishers like those above are making an effort to help local comic stores. Still, the corporate publishers that make up the majority of industry market share have yet to take action. Thankfully, that hasn't stopped others from taking the lead. To purchase It's Alive books online, head to their web store here.

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