It's All A Matter Of Faith, Females And Fat-Shaming…


Faith is a new comic book from Valiant spinning out of the Harbinger series and featuring a plus size character. Selling out of three prints of the first issue, with plenty of positive media coverage, The comics has ha quite the impact. A cause for celebration? Not on certain message boards.

Absolute cringeworthy *puke* , in one line , an abomination of a Tumblr-ian Macdonald's Mascot created by the concentrated power of sjw and feminists of first world since they have absolutely nothing to do ~

The utter gynocentrism of the fat acceptance movement is deeply visible here. Like no fat male got bullied for being fat! Like fat men aren't thought of as being pathetically "not-real-men" (as if stereotypes about being lazy, indulgent, unwilling to sacrifice for the good of the community/others, athletically incompetent, physically weak and lacking in determination aren't emasculating). Its all about the self-esteem of fat women isn't it?

Harbinger is the comic, and the character is Faith Herbert (Zephyr). zzzZzzzZZzzzZZ boring. Her ability is "flight", so apparently pigs can fly in this comic?

I don't give a f-ck unless it's a story about how being that fat is f-cking unhealthy and unnatural, and she loses that weight by not eating so goddamn much and by getting plenty of exercise. Put the super-fork down, super-chins.

Nobody but the hardest core of hardcore fat acceptance sh-theads would read a comic about a fat superhero and I f-cking guarantee you the fat acceptance crowd does not read comics at all. There is no audience for this and the only people defending it are the usual contrarian devil's advocate cocksuckers.

But Faith is not the only comic Valiant publish with a plus-size title character. This is Armstrong from Archer & Armstrong.


And for that, the fat-shaming has been.. well… um…

"See the fat man run! Archer & Armstrong from Valiant Entertainment"

From three years ago. That's basically it.

How odd. A totally different reaction. I wonder what the difference could be…

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