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Bloodshot Salvation #11
Are you on the fence about picking up the comics Valiant is shipping next week, but could really make an informed decision if you could just see the first five pages or so from each one? Well, sir, madam, or otherwise, you appear to be the exact target demographic of these weekly previews. Valiant has released[...]
Valiant Releases Rai Emoji's For Your Phone
This is the third emoji keyboard that the company has released with previous ones focusing on the Valiant universe in general and then one specifically for Archer & Armstrong. This ties into the 4001 A.D summer event that features Rai as the main character. The emoji keyboard is available now, I already downloaded mine, and includes the[...]
Trapped Brothers And A Bottle Of Lagavulin
The Eternal Warrior is going up against the Dying One inside of the Labyrinth while Archer & Armstrong are going up against Bacchus as they try to find the missing bottle of Lagavulin and escape Armstrong's bag The fact that Armstrong and the Eternal Warrior are brothers makes me wonder if Ivar, the third brother,[...]
Valiant Offers Emoji-Inpsired Archer & Armstrong T-Shirt For One Day Only
Valiant Entertainment and Shirtpunch have joined together to offer an emoji-inspired Archer & Armstrong design for one day only This is to go along with the upcoming A&A: The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong #1 issue from Rafer Roberts and David Lafuente. This Best Friends design is available from right now until midnight eastern time. You can get the[...]
C2E2 Exclusives, From Katie Cook's Archer & Armstrong To Dave Dorman's Liberty
What kind of exclusive items can be picked up at C2E2 this weekend? Here's a look at a few… From the Retailer Breakfast, Inked version of International Iron Man #1  And a Katie Cook variant of A+A: Archer & Armstrong #1   And for everyone else on the show floor… Power Man & Iron Fist #1 ECCC/C2E2 Variant Comic $10 by Dave Johnson[...]
Archer & Armstrong American Pale Ale To Debut At C2E2
With the plotline for the new A&A: The Adventures of Archer & Armstrong being about Armstrong going into his bag in search of a bottle of whisky, it seems only appropriate that Valiant has teamed up with the Chicago based Arcade Brewery to create Archer & Armstrong American Pale Ale The new APA will debut[...]
It's All A Matter Of Faith, Females And Fat-Shaming…
This is Armstrong from Archer & Armstrong. And for that, the fat-shaming has been. well… um… "See the fat man run! Archer & Armstrong from Valiant Entertainment" From three years ago That's basically it. How odd A totally different reaction I wonder what the difference could be… Faith is a new comic book from Valiant spinning out of the[...]
Denver Comic Con '15:  Can You Get Fred Van Lente To Sing?
Nathan Becker writes from the Denver Comic Con. Valiant Entertainment brought one of their premier writers to the Denver Comic Con in Fred Van Lente.  Fred is known for writing fan favorite characters Archer & Armstrong, The Delinquents and Ivar, Timewalker.  Luckily for fans, Fred is alternating signing autographs between the Valiant booth and his own[...]
The Bleed 2.6 : Reading Archer &  Armstrong With Omar Spahi And Siike Donnelly
Unfortunately, Sam could not make this episode but when he's replaced by someone as awesome as Chase Magnett, we can hardly complain. The OSSM Comics crew returns to the podcast and this time Omar Spahi is joined by EIC Siike Donnelly for this week's show! It's a grand ole' time, laced with condescending half-truths and backhanded compliments that only your best[...]
Communist Gods, Time-Travelers, Assassins, And Being In The Now – The Valiant Next Roundtable With Dinesh Shamdasani, Warren Simons, Fred Pierce, And Hunter Gorinson
The Valiant is a crossover designed to be accessible to new readers while bringing in major talent and striking artwork, Ivar brings back the multi-award nominated team on Archer & Armstrong to explore a fan favorite character, Divinity introduces something entirely new to the Valiant Universe with more science fiction focus, Imperium takes Harbinger to[...]
Three Previews From This Weeks Valiant Books
We have three new previews for this week's books from Valiant: Unity #12, Q2: The Return Of Quantum And Woody #2 and Archer & Armstrong: The One Percent #1. UNITY #12 (NEW ARC! "THE UNITED" – PART 1) Written by MATT KINDT Art by CAFU Cover by BRIAN LEVEL Handbook Variant by CAFU Variant Cover by RAUL[...]