Jim Lee Will Draw Brian Bendis' First Legion Of Super-Heroes Story: Millennium

DC Comics publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee, along with new creative hire Joe Hill, have been talking about the plans of DC Comics today at San Diego Comic-Con.

Emphasising the change in branding for DC Comics, dropping the imprints to be all DC… and that the line between DC and Bertigo had been blurring anyway.

He talked about his priorities as building the "connective tissue" of DC continuity, something we noted earlier in the year was a being talked about as a big thing for both Marvel and DC. And the Year Of The Villain, being built out of Scott Snyder's Justice League, was a great way to do that.

DiDio told us that Tom King's Batman story is just chapter one in something larger (admittedly now a shorter chapter one than planned),

He continued to talk about reducing the titles DC Comics publishes while increasing the diversity of what their comics line was.

But Jim Lee had something special to share. That he would be joining Brian Bendis on the relaunch of the Legion Of Super-Heroes comic book, Millenium. Just a short story, as he had with Action Comics #1000 – but enough to kick the whole thing off…

Lee is a big Legion fan, describing it as the equivalent at DC to Marvel's mutants, and Didio says that the only art on the walls of Jim Lee's office is a Legion piece by Mike Grell.


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