Looks Like Peter David May Be Writing Secret Wars: Future Imperfect. Like Anyone Else Could.

He's doing a Secret Wars 2099 series. It may not be the biggest reach to suggest that Peter David would be writing the Secret Wars: Future Imperfect series, as already teased. About as logical as Brian Bendis writing the Secret Wars: Years Of Future Past series.

But his recent interview with CBR seems to have underlined the possibility. Talking about Spider-Man 2099, he said,

In this arc, you're returning to a character you created, the Maestro incarnation of the Hulk. How does it feel to return to the character? What made you want to pit him against Miguel?

Because I'm working on an upcoming project featuring the character, I decided this would be a good time to bring him back into the Marvel Universe. And since I knew that Miguel was returning to 2099, it seemed a good time to bring him in.

Could that upcoming project be this?

portrait_uncanny I mean, who else was going to write it?

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