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Peter David and Dale Keown Tell The Origin Of The Maestro

The Maestro was a future version of the Hulk who first appeared in the Peter David and George Perez series Future Imperfect A monstrous dictator who killed all the heroes and ruled the Earth within his grey-green grip The character has returned in foreshadowing or in actual appearance many times Almost thirty years later, Peter[...]

Black Widow Gets a Movie Prelude in Marvel's January Solicitations

Black Widow Gets a Movie Prelude in Marvel's January Solicitations

Recapping Black Widow's past history in the Marvel Cinematic Universe (spoiler alert: she dies), Peter David and Carlos Villa bring us Marvel's Black Widow Prelude in January, the first of two issues.Check out the solicit below, and Marvel's full January solicitations here. MARVEL’S BLACK WIDOW PRELUDE #1 (of 2) Written by PETER DAVID Penciled by CARLOS VILLA TRACE THE[...]

Speculator Corner: Will Last Avengers Story #2 Beat Spider-Girl #59?

Speculator Corner: Will Last Avengers Story #2 Beat Spider-Girl #59?

On the back of this, Spider-Girl #59, which featured the first appearance of an earlier son-of-Peter-Parker-and-Mary-Jane-Watson, Ben Parker, has rocketed on eBay  with copies selling for up to $65, with lots of copies sold in the $40 to $60 range, and some people trying to get a hundred bucks each for them.But is there another[...]

Fanboy Rampage: Whose Job Is It To Sell Comics, Anyway?

Fanboy Rampage: Whose Job Is It To Sell Comics, Anyway?

comics are and should be fun for you. Others have blamed trade-waiters for sealing the fate of quality monthly comics, such as legendary writer and amateur accountant Peter David, who wrote in 2014 on the cancellation of X-Factor: All I did was write a book that got tons of positive write-ups Which I guess is enough to[...]

Peter David to Write Black Widow Movie Prequel?

Peter David to Write Black Widow Movie Prequel

The comics sometimes adapt the previous films featuring the characters ahead of the new movie, and sometimes create brand-new stories which are treated as canon by the MCU.For the upcoming Black Widow movie, there seem to be changes afoot.And it will be Peter David, of Incredible Hulk, Spider-Man 2099 and Scarlet Spider who will be[...]

Peter David and Dale Keown Return to Incredible Hulk

In this instances, it's Peter David and Dale Keown returning for the Incredible Hulk: Last Call one-shot Like the Wolverine one-shot announced earlier today, this seems to be set in the past as well.Marvel gave the EX-X-XCLUSIVE reveal of this one to CBR as a reward for their ongoing compliance with Marvel's PR department[...]

IDW's Young Picard Stargazes with Fantastic Star Trek: 20/20

Woodward's dreamy painted art eerily serving up a Picard we've never truly seen before.[caption id="attachment_978792" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Courtesy IDW[/caption]Peter David, as always, pens a mighty Star Trek story, with this installment part of IDW's celebration of 20 years in the comics industry The story follows Jean-Luc Picard's decision to personally negotiate a cease-fire on a planet[...]

Peter David BSG vs BSG #4

Writer's Commentary: Peter David on Battlestar Galactica vs. Battlestar Galactica #4

Dynamite has sent us a new writer's commentary from Peter David on Battlestar Galactica vs Battlestar Galactica #4 The issue has covers by Adam "Mojo" Lebowitz and by Johnny Desjardins Interiors also by Desjardins.Pages 1-2:  And now we begin to see the start of Kali’s plan.  She is endeavoring to make Bill Adama and Saul Tigh suspicious[...]

Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #16 cover by Khary Randolph and Emilio Lopez

Ben Reilly the Scarlet Spider #16 Review: Empty, Aimless, but Pretty Fun

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] Ben Reilly, the Scarlet Spider, has been roped into the conflict between Wong's Midnight Sons and Mephisto. Wong sends the Scarlet Spider away to hold off the demons in Las Vegas' strip. This initially seems like an easy task with Ben's Spider Sense, but he soon learns that the demons don't trigger it […]

Jamie Madrox

Peter David: Jamie Madrox is "Definitely Not Dead"

That man is Peter David, writer of Marvel's Spectacular Spider-Man, who wrote Jamie for years as part of X-Factor.David was asked on Twitter about the status of Miller, a character created in X-Factor who ended the series as Jamie's wife David responded that Miller was "on the farm" with Madrox, who he noted, "is definitely[...]

pull box comics 02/21/18

Comics for Your Pull Box, Week of February 21st, 2018: Alters, Damnation, Bloodborne, and More

Creators Peter David and Johnny Desjardins will hopefully impress with this highly-anticipated unison of two worlds.[caption id="attachment_797330" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Pumpkinhead #1 cover by Kelley Jones[/caption]Pumpkinhead #1Another horror offering from the ever-talented and endlessly busy writer Cullen Bunn, this Dynamite series will bring about a demonic agent of vengeance to hunt down a child-killer protected by a mob family[...]

Marvel Legacy Ben Reilly: The Scarlet Spider #10 Review

That seems like a questionable decision for a comic that’s being slapped with the Marvel Legacy label, but at the same time, I get why Peter David may not want to warp his comic to fit the schedule of a corporate initiative.Peter David and Will Sliney teamed up for Spider-Man 2099, too, and Ben Reilly: The[...]

Peter David To Pit Battlestar Galactica '78 Vs Battlestar Galactica '03

Dynamite's fourth NYCC announcement may be their biggest of the show as writer Peter David pens a new crossover series bringing together the classic Battlestar Galactica from 1978 with the Syfy Channel reboot from 2003.In the new Battlestar Galactica miniseries, the discovery of Kali — the last of the reptilian parent race that created the[...]

Spider-Man 2099 #25 Review: A Nice Wrap-Up To A Solid Series

The final irony is that Alchemax has taken her to the newly constructed Blackthorne Prison, which Miguel helped design.As previously stated and you likely already know, this is the final issue of Peter David and Will Sliney’s Spider-Man 2099 series It’s a series that I have been reading in trades, and it’s actually a very[...]

Can There Ever Be Another Comic Book Moment Like Gwen Stacy's Death?

While reading Peter David and Will Sliney’s Spider-Man 2099 recently, I found myself wondering something Could there ever be another “Gwen Stacy” moment in modern superhero comics?The collection of Spider-Man 2099 called “Smack to the Future,” which takes at the beginning of the All-New, All-Different Marvel reboot, has a scene wherein this Spider-Man’s girlfriend, a[...]