#MakeMineMilkshake Goes Global As Marvel Editors Harassed After A Trip To Ben & Jerry's

Marvel Comics love a milkshake. You can even gauge Stan Lee's health by them. But it seems not everyone love Marvel Comics loving milkshakes, especially when they are women.

When Marvel Editor Heather Antos posted this photo of her and her crew enjoying such milky beverages, on a Friday after work, she probably didn't expect the reaction she received. Frankly, who would?


If it helps, and not that it should, Heather Antos is an editor who, amongst other books, works on the Star Wars line for Marvel, a line that has enjoyed both critical and commercial acclaim. But apparently that means that she and her co-workers are unable to enjoy a milkshake at the end of a working week and post it to her followers without being the target of targeted insults, sexual harassment and, basically, rape threats because they are women.  And these are just the ones that were made public and haven't been taken down. Well done internet…

However, in response, the #makeminemilkshake hashtag has been trending most of the weekend, with prominent voices adding their support, and has gone far and wide.



And Marvel makes it official.

You know what? Well done internet! No sarcasm needed this time! But remember, this is never a one time thing.,

And even opposing the kind of vile hatred targeted at innocent people is itself a subject of scorn by some.


Sorry, I spoke too soon…

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