Marc Jackson's Duckless Arrives For March's Aces Weekly

From Aces Weekly comes a fun new comic entitled Duckless created by Marc Jackson. The comic follows the adventures of a guy named Duckless and his friends. Duckless draws the comic that we get to see, and in turn affects the world around himself with his imagination. Everything you see is happening. His imagination runs wild to create a more exciting life for himself. For those of you who don't know, Aces Weekly is an exclusive onscreen comic art magazine that features some of the world's finest creators. V For Vendetta creator David Lloyd gathers top talents from across the globe for this weekly anthology of serial episodes and short stories.

Here's a whimsical description from their website:

We're like the Sunday pages, delivered through your screen instead of your mailbox. Thrillers, sf, drama and humor in weekly bite-size chunks, looking luminescent and cool on any of your devices, and ready to read at the touch of a button!

I can't wait to see all of the fun Marc Jackson has in store for readers with his new webcomic. With an excellent premise like that, the possiblities are endless! Duckless will be going live in Aces Weekly Volume 15 in March, but don't worry! We have a bit of a preview for you here thanks to creator Marc Jackson.

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