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First Impressions: Aces Weekly is What this Industry Needs [Vol. 34, Week 1 Review]

[rwp-review-recap id="0"] So, this one shakes up my review formula a lot. Aces Weekly is a $1 (or whatever currency you use) a week comic anthology that includes stories from various writers and artists both fresh and experienced in the industry. David Lloyd, the artist who illustrated V for Vendetta among other things, is one […]

Next Week… I'll Be At London Super Comic Con. Will You?

It's my gaff. My manor. My part of the world. The London Super Comic Con, the largest comic convention in the UK that's dedicated to comic books, is happening next weekend at the ExCel Centre. Bob Layton once told me that he earned more money at that show than any other. It's where the wallets […]

NYCC '15: Look! It Moves! Interviews David Lloyd

I interview V for Vendetta co-creator and artist David Lloyd on his exclusive digital-only, creator-owned comics anthology series Aces Weekly. You can subscribe to Aces Weekly at Hanging out at Follow the official LOOK! IT MOVES! twitter feed at for thoughts and snark on media and pop culture, stuff for future columns […]

Unlock Your Potential To Conquer Life

By Scott Amundson We each have a special talent. Your talent might not be the same as mine. In fact, it probably isn't. How cool is that? These talents are important. They're powerful. A person who develops his talent, embraces it and knows how to use it can accomplish anything necessary. Look at professional basketball […]

Three Days in Dublin: Comics And Cons

By Martin Hayes It had been a weird couple of weeks and was showing no signs of getting any saner. Strange omens hung heavy on the air, the world seemed awash with messages which, if I could only divine their meaning, might surely reveal some profound and aeon-hidden truth; the Coriolis swirl in my toilet […]

Marc Jackson's Duckless Arrives For March's Aces Weekly

From Aces Weekly comes a fun new comic entitled Duckless created by Marc Jackson. The comic follows the adventures of a guy named Duckless and his friends. Duckless draws the comic that we get to see, and in turn affects the world around himself with his imagination. Everything you see is happening. His imagination runs […]

S.H.O.C.K to the System: Geoff Wessel talks about his new serial for Aces Weekly

By Alasdair Stuart Alasdair Stuart: What's the basic premise of System S.H.O.C.K.? Geoff Wessel: System S.H.O.C.K. is essentially a behind-the-scenes of the machinations of a techno-terrorist group like Cobra, HYDRA, SPECTRE. The group is called S.H.O.C.K., and you'll see it has had something of a "change in management," and will go in a different direction […]

Party With David Lloyd In London Tonight

David Lloyd, co-creator of V For Vendetta, publishes a weekly subscription digital comic anthology, Aces Weekly, with a bunch of impressive names, dedicated to preserving their interests. And tonight, if you're in London, he'd like you to meet them all, for an evening of drink and digital. Subscribers get an automatic invite to the party. […]

David Lloyd Talks Aces Weekly

David Lloyd writes; Aces Weekly is something I'd wanted to do for a few years before getting a mental nudge to go for it finally in the summer of 2011. The simplicity of putting together a bunch of folks in an online digital comics magazine that echoed the universal appeal of the Sunday pages in the […]

David Lloyd Talks About Aces Weekly: A Look! It Moves! Video

Adi Tantimedh writes for Bleeding Cool from the floor of NYCC; David Lloyd, co-creator of V FOR VENDETTA, talks about his new digital comics anthology ACES WEEKLY, which features exclusive original work by creators like Bill Sienkewicz, Colleen Doran, Steve Bissette, Kyle Baker and many other people you have heard of and like. [youtube][/youtube]

Your Weekly Shaky

From the upcoming Aces Weekly digital anthology created by David Lloyd and friends (you read about first on Bleeding Cool), here comes a panel from Shaky Kane from Cowboys & Insects. Meet King Of The Wild Frontier.