Mark Millars' Upcoming Projects – With Sean Gordon Murphy, Bryan Hitch And Something Very New

We mentioned Mark Millar had a mangaesque Millarworld project on the books that he was looking for artists for. But there's more to come.

Millar writes,

Today I'm writing a project you haven't heard about with an artist I've never been linked with. The artist is under a solemn vow of secrecy too, but you'll get word on this around the end of September.

In the next eighteen months, now that I've finished Kick-Ass, Jupiter's Legacy Book One, MPH and Starlight, I'm planning to write new books for Sean Gordon Murphy, Bryan Hitch, a sort of manga-inspired, but not-what-you-expect thing for an artist I still haven't decided upon yet plus the second volume of Jupiter's Legacy for Mr Quitely.

But this is something else. And just starting something new after quite a while on the same gigs is actually really exciting. You'll hear about it at the end of September and then you'll hear about the other mid-2015 projects around Christmas time. My plan is to write everything between now and maybe January, have them all drawn by March and start publishing them around Easter once everything's in the can.

A whole new world awaits. WHO IS THIS SECRET SUPERSTAR ARTIST? And is it Marvel or DC who just lost 'em?

Maybe Millar has been watching the wires over Rocket Raccoon… could we have a funny animal comic book? Mind you, we remember what happened last time, a comic that Millar once said was "the most uncompromising thing I've ever written and I'm immensely proud of it"


Now he doesn't seem to like to acknowledge it even existed….

Also, despite what we'd heard that Steve McNiven was going full time with Millarworld after The Death Of Wolverine, no mention again of Nemesis Returns


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