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You may see something of Mark Millar's own perspectives in this… But now Kick Ass is up and working for President Joe Biden You know, whether or not President Joe Biden wants him to, or not In the first issue, Mark Millar and Pepe Larraz killed off a bunch of characters analogous to other comic book[...]
What Is Mark Millar Talking About?
I only have to pick up an issue 2 of Kick Ass 3 to find, Anyone else like to play? And the big question is… will this make Mark do it more? Or less?           @jasonzman04 what are you talking about? — Mark Millar (@mrmarkmillar) October 30, 2013 A new Tumblr has been set up dedicated to a particular[...]
Mark Millar And Wilfredo Torres' Justice…. ?
The superteam formed in Kick Ass 2 And a name that Mark Millar had trademarked last year Could this be those guys all grown up and looking like the League? Unless of course this is Millar returning the the world of Red Son….   Mark Millar writes, Hmm What could this be? Who's the artist? And which well-known[...]