Marriage Certificate Found in Comic, Returned to Great-Granddaughter

Yesterday, Bleeding Cool ran the story that the comic store Coliseum Of Comics of Florida had found something in a comic book collection that they had bought.

Not everything that's tucked into a collection turns out to be a comic book. If anyone knows the family of R.J. Hollowell or Mary Hollowell nee Weatherington of Norfolk, VA, who were married in South Mills, NC on April 25, 1931, please ask them to get in touch, because their marriage certificate just turned up here in my space in the Coliseum Warehouse attic.

Marriage Certificate Found in Comic, Returned to Great-Granddaughter

Bleeding Cool commentator Dave posted,

Rufus died 11/23/1958, Mary was his 2nd wife and she died 3/5/1983. I sent a message to the family genealogist at

And before you know it, received the reply from a JH:

This marriage certificate belongs to my great-grandparents. Wow! Thank you, Dave, for your message – and thank you to the people who found and posted this! How do I get in contact?

This was Jessica Howell, contacts were passed across, and soon it all went official…

Now the only question to answer–in which comic book was the marriage certificate found?

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