Matt Fraction And Chip Zdarsky's Sex Advice Book 'Just The Tips' Out For Christmas – And What's Happening With Fat Bottomed Girls


Matt Fraction held a question and answer session at ECCC on Friday, in which he discussed his work, his career, and his audience. And slipped out a few gems… which I'm going to have to split up a bit I think.

Talking Sex Criminals, he told us,

"Chip [Zdarsky] and I are going to put out a  a collection of sex advice and moves. It's going to be called Just The Tips and its going to come in your stocking next Christmas. I'm not kidding, I'm putting my kids through college with this…"

And as to whether or not the Queen song Fat Bottomed Girls made it into the collection of Sex Criminals, Fraction told the crowd,

"Once again, the Queen pages were the last pages to upload to the printer of the collection. And…. you know what you'll have to check it out. It literally went down to the wire. It literally went down to the Image production manager, "it has to upload now.""

And apparently David Goyer has the best porn in the woods story, ever. We're going to have to ask him…


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