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Adventureman Returns With Matt Fraction, Terry & Rachel Dodson
As Bleeding Cool pointed out last week, the upcoming TV series Monarch: Legacy Of Monsters, co-created by Matt Fraction, may have put a bit of a cramper on Fraction's previously prodigious comic book output But in December, he's back with a new Adventureman series with co-creators Terry and Rachel Dodson Adventureman: Ghost Lights A two-issue[...]
So That's What Matt Fraction's Been Up To... More Godzilla!
Every now and then, someone asks me what Bleeding Cool's favourite comic book writer Matt Fraction is working on Known for his work on Iron Man, Fantastic Four, Thor, Fear Itself, Iron Fist, X-Men and Hawkeye for Marvel, Casanova, Adventureman, ODY-C, Satellite Sam and Sex Criminals from Image Comics and Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen at DC[...]
Last Call, The Weekly DC Comic That Wasn't: The 5G Files Chapter Three
Potentially a series that would have given a run around the DC Comics universe before the big change, it would have taken the DC Universe into the 5G reality, by looking at details of the DC Timeline and how it would be playing out with the new characters. DC Comics was looking at a Portland team[...]
The Comic Book Creator Credits Of Black Panther: Welcome To Wakanda
Jason Aaron, Bob Almond, Ken Bald, Brian Michael Bendis, Ed Brubaker, Rich Buckler, John Buscema, Stefano Caselli, Ta-Nehisi Coates, Olivier Coipel, Gene Colan, Will Conrad, Mike Deodato, Scot Eaton, Steve Epting, Bill Everett, Matt Fraction, Billy Graham, Jonathan Hickman, Reginald Hudlin, Ken Lashley, Jonathan Maberry, Kenny Martinez, Don McGregor, Jimmy Palmiotti, Christopher Priest, Joe Quesada,[...]
Gerry Duggan to Launch Substack Comics Too, But First a Book of Photos
It's a globe-spanning experience that provides a peek behind the curtain in Hollywood, and behind the scenes in comic books." Photos include those of Patton Oswalt, Meredith Salinger, Matt Oswalt, Sarah Silverman, Brian Posehn, Bob Odenkirk, Weird Al Yankovic, Tom Lennon, Jon Hamm, Brian Michael Bendis, Jason Aaron, Rick Remender, Clint Eastwood, David Lynch, Martin[...]
The Return Of Jack Staff & Casanova From Image Comics in November
Casanova by Matt Fraction, Gabriel Ba and Fabio Moon And Jack Staff from Paul Grist. Casanova is a creator-owned comic book series by writer Matt Fraction and artists Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon, focusing on renowned thief Casanova Quinn, who gets "blackmailed into being a pawn and double agent in a global game of super-espionage"[...]
Return Of Casanova & The Pro To Image Comcis In September
And that includes a revival of the series Casanova by Matt Fraction, Gabriel Bá and Fábio Moon for a new surreal pandimensional action espionage story, the first in over five years And the return of The Pro, as originally co-created by Garth Ennis, now from the series' artistic team Jimmy Palmiotti and Amanda Conner, the[...]
Fraction and Lieber Follow Jimmy Olsen with Perry White One-Shot
Matt Fraction and Steve Lieber are creating an encore performance to their hit series Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen with a new one-shot comic in June: Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen's Boss Perry White #1 DC Comics announced the series in an appropriately gonzo press release: Perry White's long career in the papers deserves a big celebration, and[...]
Hawkeye: Matt Fraction Talks Series Role; [SPOILERS]: "She's Here"
Four episodes into Marvel Studios and Disney+'s Jeremy Renner (Clint Barton) & Hailee Steinfeld (Kate Bishop)-starring Hawkeye (and even before that if we throw the promo art into the mix), it's pretty clear that Marvel's 2012-2015 Hawkeye comic book series from writer Matt Fraction and artists David Aja, Annie Wu, and others had a huge[...]
The Comic Book Creator Credits In Hawkeye Episodes One And Two
But who else? Well, Stan Lee and Don Heck also created the Swordsman and Black Widow, Stan and Jack created the Hulk, Ant Man and Thor, and Iron Man with Don Heck. David Aja – really he should have got so much more than a "thanks", as the artist on the Hawkeye series that most inspired this[...]
Matt Fraction Only On Hawkeye TV Series Because He Knows Seth Meyers
And how writer Matt Fraction was involved in the series – because it didn't come from Marvel. Photo by Chuck Zlotnick © Marvel Studios 2021 All Rights Reserved. Matt Fraction and David Aja launched the Hawkeye comic book series in 2012 that saw the down-and-out Avenger involved with a local tenement building, organised crime, a neighbourhood, and[...]
Matt Fraction At The Hawkeye Premiere, Daily LITG, 18th November 2021
Including Matt Fraction going to the Hawkeye Disney+ premiere… LOS ANGELES, CALIFORNIA – NOVEMBER 17: Matt Fraction attends the Hawkeye Los Angeles Launch Event at El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood, California on November 17, 2021.(Photo by Jesse Grant/Getty Images for Disney) LITG: The ten most-read stories, yesterday LITG Credit: Pokémon TCG Pokémon TCG Will Never Release Katy Perry, Post[...]
David Aja Would Like To Be Paid For Marvel's Hawkeye Posters
The series is partially based on the Matt Fraction, David Aja, Annie Wu and Matt Hollingworth run from a few years ago, including adapting elements such as Lucky the Pizza Dog, a golden retriever who is a companion to Barton and Bishop. Disney's Hawkeye Marvel producer Trinh Tran has been quoted as saying "Fraction's run is absolutely[...]
Kelly Sue DeConnick & Matt Fraction Undecided On Substack Offer
And that is also likely the amount offered to Kelly Sue DeConnick and Matt Fraction They already have a free Substack newsletter, Milk Fed Dispatches from their Milkfed Criminal Masterminds And from that, as well as talking about a delay to Wonder Woman Historia, the return of Adventureman on September 29th from Matt Fraction, The[...]
Cover image for PRIMORDIAL #1 (OF 6) CVR A SORRENTINO (MR)
We also see the return of Adventureman by Matt Fraction and the Dodsons, as well as Beauty by Jeremy Haun, Jason A Hurley, and Matthew Dow Smith to conclude the series, the end of Die, and a new Reckless graphic novel by Ed Brubaker and Sean Phillips, Destroy All Monsters Here are Image Comics full[...]
Seprated At Birth: Taylor/Redondo's Nightwing & Fraction/Aja's Hawkeye
Reading Nightwing #78 today from Tom Taylor, Bruno Redondo and Adriano Lucas from DC Comics, I couldn't help be reminded of another comic book, Hawkeye by Matt Fraction, David Aja and Matt Hollingsworth from Marvel Comics Coicidence? Homage? Me just seeing things that aren't there? Hawkeye #1 You tell me Hawkeye has a lot of symbology in[...]
The Old Guard Gets An Anthology Series Too With Brian Bendis And More
The six-issue chapter begins on the heels of the Netflix adaptation's success and will launch from Image Comics this April. The Old Guard Gets An Anthology Series Too With Brian Bendis And More The star-studded anthology event will include new stories from series co-creators Rucka and Fernández, joined by such contributors as: Vita Ayala, Brian Michael Bendis,[...]
My Top 6 Comics Of 2020
An all-ages pulp project from Matt Fraction, Terry Dodson, and Rachel Dodson Adventureman is a story about a large modern family becoming the heirs to an old pulp adventuring outfit In fact, the Dodsons do such a good job; Fraction can ad-lib lines like "I've always wanted a slug o'yer science hooch!" and it feels[...]
What Industry Secrets Does Female-Centric Revenge Saga Hide?
What is Female-Centric Revenge Saga? Well, Thought Bubble over the weekend saw the release of a two-and-a-half-hour video of Kieron Gillen, Marguerite Bennett, Ed Brubaker, Matt Fraction, Chip Zdarsky and Emma Vieceli playing a role-playing game based on Die, Kieron Gillen and Stephanie Hans' comic book about role-playing gamers playing a game based on Dungeons[...]
Thoughts On Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen
 This is the rare comic that achieves it. Matt Fraction, Steve Lieber, Nathan Fairbairn, and Clayton Cowles are that team There's never a question of whether Steve Lieber is versatile enough to nail the serious moments as well as the many, many gags Fraction throws into the script In fact, there are so many gags; it[...]
Matt Fraction "How-To-Write" Guide For Elsa Charretier's Kickstarter
For her first Kickstarter, she included a November Volume 1 Commentary Edition, a Kickstarter-exclusive black-and-white reproduction of Volume 1 with page-by-page commentary from on her process — how and why she made the choices she made, what she thought worked, or didn't. Matt Fraction "How-To-Write" Guide For Elsa Charretier's Kickstarter Charretier's second artbook includes another November Commentary[...]
Doctor Who: Time Lord Victorious #1 Review:
The final issue of Sex Criminals is out next month. Matt Fraction and Chip Zdarsky, who debuted the series seven years ago (wow, just looked that up, time flies, we're all getting so old, so very old), will skip ahead thirty-nine issues to end the series on the perfect number… 69, of course[...]
Bleeding Cool's Favorite Debuts Of 2020
Matt Fraction, Terry Dodson, and Rachel Dodson (a team that Marvel previously commissioned to make the Uncanny X-Men) deliver an engaging, wholesome mystery: What happened to pulp hero Adventureman? The cover of Thor #9 Credit: Marvel Comics From Ian Melton: Thor Thor by Donny Cates has been my favorite new launch of 2020, despite only being 5 issues[...]
Adventureman #2 Review: A Dash of Derring-Do
This leads to some visually arresting sequences that move with great zest and even a dash of derring-do. The cover of Adventureman #2 published by Image Comics with the creative team of Matt Fraction, Terry Dodson, and Rachel Dodson. Imagine, if you will, all of the lore of Tom Strong or Astro City without bothering to establish[...]
Five Thoughts About Adventureman #1
Adventureman #1 is a long-awaited comic from the team of Matt Fraction, Terry Dodson, and Rachel Dodson who worked together twice before that I'm aware of Uncanny X-Men and The Defenders Third time is the charm apparently as this time around they're working on an Image project: Adventureman, a pulp serial that's out now Fraction[...]
Auto Draft
Join superstar writer CHIP ZDARSKY (THE WHITE TREES, Daredevil) and Eisner Award-winning artist RAM N K PÉREZ (Jim Henson's Tale of Sand, Jane) as they dive into a world of horror and intrigue in this new ongoing Skybound series. In Shops: Sep 16, 2020 SRP: $3.99 While Chip, as Bleeding Cool teased, has a final foray into[...]
Rumours About Big DC Digital Publishing Initiative
Warren Ellis, Chip Zdarsky and Matt Fraction And that it may involve new versions of Superman and Batman, That is it Nothing more It came from well-connected comic book creators but who knows how that has changed even in that short retelling. No one else is saying anything, and I have asked around Instead, I have[...]
Will Doomsday Clock #12 Bring Back Ma and Pa Kent to Superman? (Spoilers)
Matt Fraction appeared on John Siuntres' Word Balloon Podcast talking about his work on Superman's Pal Jimmy Olsen and working with brian Bendis and the rest of the Superman team And talking about the upcoming Superman/Clark Kent 'no more secrets' identity reveal in the Superman comic books He mentioned a small spoiler regarding the spluttering[...]