Max Bemis' Writer's Commentary on Black Terror #3 – "We Took Your Old School Super-Heroes And Messed 'Em Up"

Max Bemis has a writer's commentary on Black Terror #3, on sale now from Dynamite. If you have one to share, e-mail Bemis writes,Max Bemis' Writer's Commentary Max Bemis' Writer's CommentaryMax Bemis' Writer's CommentaryMax Bemis' Writer's CommentaryMax Bemis' Writer's Commentary

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I've always felt that retconning was a hilarious tradition, one that both creators and fans have both accepted. I think the concept behind the issue was asking who the causalities of retconning were?

If we can explain narrative oddities with a meta-crisis or time travel, wouldn't something along the way get screwed up somewhere? I.E Maybe there's some old guy in New Hampshire who's a carryover from the New 52 and remains really confused as to why nobody talks about how everything was rewritten.

In our book, Timmy, whose character has been a bit of an afterthought in Black Terror comics, was the perfect victim.

He's got the attitude of someone from a modern Matt Fraction Image book but is surrounded by antiquated idiots who are decades behind him.

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I love the dude bashed through the ceiling. In this moment, Timmy's reality crushes his team-members naivete. The 70's essentially did this to the 60's.


Terror is the only one who believes Timmy and takes him seriously as an adult, being open to the idea that everything is completely screwed up in the world.


Is it worth it to the Penguin and the Joker to look scary by employing terrifying, deadly, wild animals, sometimes just to stand around looking cool? Half the time, they're not even involved in the hero's death trap.


This definitely has shades of the Say Anything song "Admit It". It's like VH1 Behind The Music for teen super-villains.


Everyone's fantasy is to make the local douche-bag's parents turn against him and take your side.

Timmy gets to live this out. Go Timmy!

Max Bemis' Writer's Commentary Max Bemis' Writer's Commentary Max Bemis' Writer's Commentary

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