Mindless Speculation: Could Thandie Newton Play Sana Solo In Young Han Solo Star Wars Movie?

Variety reports that Thandie Newton is in talks for a major role in the new Han Solo Star Wars movie.

There are no details as to what her role might be.

But with LucasFilm's willingness to use original characters created in its Marvel Star Wars comics in other media, with Dr Aphra turning up in video games and O-O-O and BT-1 appearing as table top miniatures, is it just possibly that they could be using a Marvel original Star Wars character in the movie, telling early days stories of Han Solo?

Pure mindless speculation of course. But would it be a terrible thing to suggest Thandie Newton might play Han Solo's wife, Sana Solo?

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They do have a hist0ry. And a tale still to tell…


Just a thought.

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