Miracleman, Miller Batman, And Living In An Avengers World — NYCC Trending Topics Special

miracleman-buckinghamNYCC 2013 appears to have been a big level-up moment for that show. The news that they pulled even with SDCC on attendance essentially syncs with my BC internal data: Visitors to NYCC stories on BC grew a whopping 50 percent over last year, and came within 3 percent of SDCC 2013 visitors.

If I get ambitious later in the week, we'll look at some details on how various announcements fared with the readership.

For now, what was the biggest story of the show?  It could only be Miracleman…

Marvel To Republish Miracleman From January 2014, To Its Conclusion UPDATE With Buckingham, Davis, Quesada Art And More Info

Shown at NYCC's Cup. O Joe panel, a video with Neil Gaiman showed him talking about his love of the comic, and that Marvel will begin republishing the comic, which he will then conclude, starting in January. He calls it his favourite piece of his own writing as a young man.

Captain America Winter Soldier Clip Just Shown At NYCC

I'm at NYCC, and marvel's David Gabriel, as well as showing off already seen Avengers Age Of Ultron and Guardians Of The Galaxy clips from previous shows, gave us our first look at Captain America: The Winter Soldier.

A Big Day For The Avengers: Marvel Officially Announce Avengers World, Avengers A.I.Now, Avengers Undercover, New Secret Avengers

Breaking now with several planned exclusives, an onslaught of Avengers-related announcements, here's a summary and links.  Might be a spoiler or two below:

Rob Liefeld's Policy On Signing New Mutants And X-Force

From Rob Liefeld's table in Artist's Alley at New York Comic Con, he's charging $10 to sign copies of New Mutants and X-Force, $20 for the first appearance of Cable and Deadpool, and $20 for CGC's copies. Of course, considering signed copies go for the likes of this, I'd say that's pretty fair, wouldn't you?

Who Is The Silhouetted Figure On The Cover Of All New Marvel Now Point One #1?

This image was shown to retailers at the Diamond breakfast earlier in the week. The cover to All New Marvel. Now Point One #1. So that's… Avengers World, Silver Surfer, Loki, Black Widow and Invaders… But who is the blacked out character? Not Cyclops this time…?

Fantastic Four And FF To End In January With Issue 16… UPDATE With Art

So Fantastic Four and FF both end with issue #16 in January. Forever, obviously. Ahem. It also marks the end of Tom Brevoort's editorialship on the title after around 150 issues, with this special cover shown at NYCC's Cup O Joe panel for Marvel.

Over 200 Cosplay Photos From NYCC Day 3

Senior Cosplay Correspondent Endymion Mageto brings you a mega gallery of the best cosplayers from New York Comic Con. Check out his Saturday coverage of Day 3 at NYCC.

Marvel Possibly Accidentally Spoils That X-23 All New X-Men Silhouetted Cover

At today's X-Men panel, we saw the All New X-Men cover featuring X-23 snogging a silhouetted character again.

NYCC Inhumanity And More: Inhumanity, All-New Invaders, Ghost Rider, Silver Surfer, Iron Patriot All Get Marvel Now Titles (UPDATE)

Breaking out of the Marvel panel right now…

175 Cosplay Photos From Day Two At New York Comic Con

Senior Cosplay Correspondent Endymion Mageto is running around NYCC taking pictures of as many cosplayers as he possibly can. This gallery features some of the best cosplay from Day 2 of New York Comic Con.

Marvel Possibly Accidentally Spoils That X-23 All New X-Men Silhouetted Cover

At today's X-Men panel, we saw the All New X-Men cover featuring X-23 snogging a silhouetted character again.

Bob Harras On DC Relationships: "We Don't Want Any Of Our Characters Rushing Into Stable Relationships"

From the DC Comics 101 panel at NYCC just now, Senior BC NY Correspondent Hannah Means-Shannon reports the following exchange:

Spoiler Alert: Snyder Announces The Return of Stephanie Brown at NYCC (With Pics & More Info)

The New 52 Batman panel touched on everything from Zero Year to the Detective Comics #27 75th anniversary issue, but the big news was the return of Stephanie Brown.

Kevin Smith Is Writing Batman Again

Romeo Gebuza is reporting for us from the Comic Book Men panel at NYCC where Kevin Smith has announced that he and Walt Flanagan are currently working on a Batman mini series. They have three issues done and are  steadily working to finish the story.

Frank Miller Returns To Batman With Detective Comics #27 (UPDATE)

Just announced by John Rood at NYCC, Detective Comics #27 next year, reflecting the first comic featuring the character, will be a big extra sized issue, and amongst other creators, will have Frank Miller returning to Batman.

Frank Miller, Scott Snyder, Jason Fabok, John Layman, Neal Adams, And More On Weekly Batman Eternal, Detective Comics 27 For Batman's 75th Anniversary

We told you this one was coming. The 75th Anniversary of Detective Comics #27 is coming up — on March 30, 2014 to be exact — and DC has big plans


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