Bad Boy of Comics Donny Cates Reveals Marvel Has Big Plans for Bats the Ghost Dog

Donny Cates Wants People To Commission Art From Artists Who Lost Work

We have to help each other."[caption id="attachment_1097250" align="aligncenter" width="600"] Donny Cates is looking to commission Miracleman artwork from artists without work.[/caption]Donny Cates is especially looking for people to draw him Miracleman/Marvelman imagery He wrote "If you’re an artist and need some ends right now, I collect commissions of MIRACLEMAN if you had time and wanted[...]

Marvel Comics #1000 Second Printing Will Have a Miracleman Cover

Marvel Comics #1000 Second Printing Will Have a Miracleman Cover

I know the power of a Miracleman cover Mark Buckingham drawing him on the cover of Dirtbag #2, published by my own Twist & Shout Comics back in the early nineties, means it now sells on Amazon for plenty money Especially after Mike Meyer and I pulped the remaining 2000 copies of the initial 3000[...]

Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham's Marvel Comics #1000 Page Will Feature Miracleman

Miracleman to Star in Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham's Marvel Comics #1000 Page

We also know that the pair are working on finally wrapping up Miracleman.. er.. eventually But at San Diego Comic-Con today, Marvel revealed that the pair's story in Marvel Comics #1000 will also be about Miracleman, which is interesting, because presumably it means it will somehow integrate the character within Marvel's history.Here's Marvel's official announcment[...]

Marvel Confirms New Miracleman by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham for 2019

Confirming another of Bleeding Cool's checklist rumors, Marvel announced new Miracleman by Neil Gaiman at the Diamond Retailer Lunch at San Diego Comic-Con today Marvel said the new series will be out in the beginning of 2019 They asked the retailers not to let this news out of the room, but, well...Pip pip is the[...]

neil gaiman miracleman

Neil Gaiman/Mark Buckingham Miracleman Announcement at Cup O' Joe on Friday?

Yesterday morning Bleeding Cool read the runes in the Marvel Spotlight magazine with a new ad for the Miracleman collections amongst all the launching titles And we decided that this might mean Marvel Comics was to announce that the new Miracleman stories from Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham might actually go ahead -- so much so[...]

Detective Comics #973 cover by Guillem March adn Tomeu Morey

Detective Comics #973 Review: The Victimization of Clayface

As such, Miracleman is something I’ve yet to read However, after reading his article about the similarities between Detective Comics #973 and Miracleman #15, I definitely see his point It does read like and visually resemble a sendoff to Alan Moore’s series.That ending is a shocker, and I am eager to see where the team[...]

SDCC Marvel Cup O' Joe Panel Report: Lackluster And Boring

Moving onto audience questions: Mark Buckingham and D’Israeli is redrawing and coloring all of the Silver Age of Miracleman, so they are not quite ready to start releasing it yet, but they will return to it when they can release the comic on a good schedule.Favorite part of your job? Alonso says ‘being mean to[...]

New Miracleman Is Published Today. Kind Of.

It won every award going, but infighting and lawsuits from Marvel Comics doomed it.That run was reprinted and continued by Eclipse Comics as Miracleman, a company that eventually closed over bankruptcy and lawsuits.The company was bought by Todd McFarlane who began to use the Miracleman character in his comics, until a series of lawsuits between[...]

Axel Alonso Responds On Latest Miracleman Delays

Last week, Bleeding Cool ran the story that the solicited issues of Miracleman: The Silver Age, reprinting and then finishing the second arc from Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham on the Miracleman series, first begun in the late eighties, has been pulled from the schedules.Issues 1,2 and 3 had been solicited for 2016 but the[...]

Marvel Puts Gaiman And Buckingham's Miracleman On Hold… For Now

I noted that the Neil Gaiman/Mark Buckingham remastered reprints and new chapters of their Miracleman run from Marvel Comics were missing from recent Marvel Previews But I put that down to the usual delays that have accompanied this series over the last thirty-five years.I didn't know the half of it.Marvel Comics have told retailers that[...]

The Future Of Miracleman At Marvel Comics – From MCM London Comic Con

At the Diamond Retailer Day at MCM London Expo this weekend, Marvel's Senior VP David Gabriel announced that April would see the the first ever printing of the long lost unpublished Neil Gaiman/Mark Buckingham Miracleman #25 comic, twenty years after it was completed.Then, as expected, Gaiman and Buckingham will finish of the Silver Age story with[...]

Mindless Speculation: What Marvel DIDN'T Announce at NYCC

My first New York Comic Con saw them revealing that they finally had the rights sorted to re-publish Miracleman, which almost made me fall out of my seat I thought that one would be tied up in legal quagmire forever.But I think I found it all the more surprising given the teaser laden postcards sent[...]

The F Word – Paper Girls And Miracleman

Hey GLAAD, I am curious as to when the word ‪#‎faggot‬ will get the same outrage as ‪#‎tranny‬? Coincidentally, on the same day, Marvel Comics censored that same word from the early nineties comic by Neil Gaiman and Mark Buckingham, reprinted this week as Miracleman #3 Here are the before and after pics.Regarding the latter,[...]

Don't Call Captain America A Virgin…

Still, looks like it's another reason for the book to be called Captain America: White than something juxtaposed against the current monthly title.Maybe he should have gone to the school in this week's reprint of Miracleman?Comics courtesy of Orbital Comics, London With a Satanic Mojo signing this Saturday...It was a different time, 1939[...]

A Comic Show – Bombshells And Aliens

And Gaiman and Buckingham's Miracleman starts their Golden Age.DC Bombshells is a must read for anyone that likes the bombshells aesthetic It pitch perfect and executed well If you like these characters, you'll enjoy this book It's just that simple.Aaron Haaland of A Comic Shop in Orlando, Florida, writes:Hey Fandom, I'm back with another[...]

Talking Comics – Discussing This Week's Upcoming Titles, Miracleman #1, Plutona #1, Deadpool Vs. Thanos & More

[youtube]http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=VQy5PCIz8Ds[/youtube]Bleeding Cool welcomes the return of Talking Comics, from Excalibur Comics, Cards, and Games in Shreveport, Louisiana, to discuss this week’s upcoming books, speculating about where they are headed, and discuss their favorite storylines.Hosts Randy Young and Chris Hunter say:Thanks for pressing play!This week we get an actual comic that is literally decades in the[...]

Why Si Spurrier's Crossed +100 Is Like Neil Gaiman's Miracleman

I re-read the six issues again last night, surprising myself at what I missed, and gained an even greater respect for the series.And now, just as Marvel are set to reprint the Gaiman/Buckingham Miracleman issues that followed the Moore/Leach/Davis/Austen/Veitch/Totleben story, so Si Spurrier and Fernando Heinz are set to follow a similar path[...]