Nate Simpson and Nonplayer: The Bleeding Cool Interview

Nate Simpson is the creator of upcoming comic book smash Nonplayer that Bleeding Cool has sunk all its frankly spurious credibility into. In an attempt to buoy interest in the comic and, vicariously, justify this website's existence, I talked to Nate Simpson about his work on the book. And managed to hardly talk about the book at all. Well, at least you don't have to worry about spoilers.

So when did you first decide you wanted to write and draw the next Chew?

Profiting from scarcity has always been a hobby of mine. I've run out of places to store oil drums, however, so the obvious next choice was comics.

Which will come out first do you think, Big Numbers #3 or Nonplayer #3?

Wait, I have to do a third one? I was sort of counting on the Mayan apocalypse to bail me out of that obligation.

Well, which storyline will finish first, Nonplayer's or Miracleman's?

Admittedly, it may take a while to get to the finish line. I've got a lot of story territory to cover, what with the island and the polar bear and the smoke mon– my God, I've said too much.

Would you pick up a comic book if you heard it was set in a videogame and was a bit like the Matrix sequels?

Well, it worked on Image. That was my elevator pitch, word-for-word. It just makes its own gravy, don't you think?

How many copies are you keeping in your basement to slowly sell over the next ten years to pay for your extravagant lifestyle of champagne cocaine cocktails?

Yachts don't have basements, but I do use them for ballast.

When James Cameron makes the movie, will you support all the changes he makes publically or will you wait a few months before giving interviews telling everyone how he betrayed your vision?

My contract will prohibit me from saying anything about it, but you will briefly see me in the Making of Nonplayer DVD extras — I'll be on all fours in a motion capture suit and Keanu Reeves will be riding me like a horse. Also, I will fully support Cameron's use of the Papyrus font in the Nonplayer logo redesign.

Can you send me a signed copy so I can put it on eBay?

Sure. I will make it out "To my best friend, who is a person."

How about just putting a signed copy on eBay and sending me the money?

Isn't there a maximum limit to the amount of money that can be wired overseas?

What advice so you give to frustrated and envious interviewers jealous of your good fortune?

Whatever you're doing — maybe you work for Doctors Without Borders or Goldman Sachs, or maybe you're the president of a medium-sized country — quit immediately and go into comics. There is no more profitable, socially redeeming, or high-prestige career. Come on in, the comics is fine!

Nonplayer #1 is published by Image, released tomorrow and may be bought by people who line up overnight in sleeping bags. Don't worry, a second print is on the way

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