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After A Long Wait, Nonplayer #2 Surprisingly… Surprises
However, with revenge for his slain queen as incentive, he succumbs and the issue ends, leaving me gasping for more. Nate Simpson's art is as gorgeous as ever and the long gap between issues isn't glaring thanks to him showing even more range than he did in his remarkable debut eons ago What can be said[...]
Cover Variance: Nonplayer And Doctor Who
Nate Simpson's gorgeously detailed separation of worlds into real and gaming life was utterly addictive and impactful that Stardust/Kick Ass/X-Men First Class/Days Of Future Past's Jane Goldman was immediately drafted to write a screenplay. I fell in love And now, four years later, after broken bones and break out computer games, it returns. Third Eye in Annapolis,[...]
The Future Of Nate Simpson's Nonplayer
The likelihood of more issues of Nonplayer from Nate Simpson is up in the air. Issue 1 launches from Image Comics in 2011 with a bang, commercial success and critical praise, but with no followup Currently creator Nate Simpson says there are three and a half pages to finish inking and lots of colouring to do[...]
Nate Simpson and Nonplayer: The Bleeding Cool Interview
Nate Simpson is the creator of upcoming comic book smash Nonplayer that Bleeding Cool has sunk all its frankly spurious credibility into In an attempt to buoy interest in the comic and, vicariously, justify this website's existence, I talked to Nate Simpson about his work on the book And managed to hardly talk about the[...]
Nonplayer Is Coming…
At WonderCon this week, there were a few hundred copies of Nonplayer by Nate Simpson for sale, ahead of this Wednesday's release They sold fast, one per person I understand it looked a little like the above. And here's the response on Twitter. shopofideas Wed NONPLAYER #1 NATE SIMPSON! This book is beautiful! The plot is actually[...]
Speculator Corner – Nonplayer Sells Out Before Shipping
Nonplayer, the new upcoming comic by Nate Simpson from Image, received a spate of publicity before the Final Order Cutoff date for retailers to place orders, when the print run was fixed From Bleeding Cool, from Comics Alliance, from CBR, from all over If the print run is set to meet the demand, the likelihood[...]
Stop Nonplayer Becoming The Next Big Speculator Hit
This is a preview of the upcoming Image comic book, Nonplayer by Nate Simpson Pages posted to his DeviantArt page and embedded in this handy dandy flash viewing file below. Gorgeous yes? Where Jamie McKelvie meets James Jean meets Jeff Smith meets Geoff Darrow meets Art Adams in a massive orgy with Moebius in the middle[...]