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33 Thoughts From 33 Of Today's Comics – Airboy To Archie…
Which makes for a rather wonderful way to portray sign language…. Nonplayer returns in a cacophony of visuals delights, as we lift the bonnet on everything we saw, all those years ago in issue 1, under an Invincible T-shirt to remind ourselves exactly where we are… get ready to lose yourself again. If you thought Darth[...]
Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show – Rage, Rage, Rage, Rage!
[youtube][/youtube] Maxx's Super Awesome Comic Review Show returns to Bleeding Cool, recorded at the one and only Astro-Zombies Comic Shop in Albuquerque, New Mexico, hosted by Maxx MacLennan. They say: Bringing you discussions of all the new exciting books in comicdom. More comic talk this week than ever!  New graphic novels, the top 5 floppies, honorable mentions that didn't[...]
Cover Variance: Nonplayer And Doctor Who
Nonplayer #2 has been a long time coming Originally planned for May 2011, it makes even Brilliant #6 look timely. And it is finished, I can confirm that, I have been sent a copy, I will be reading with much gusto Nate Simpson's gorgeously detailed separation of worlds into real and gaming life was utterly addictive[...]
The Future Of Nate Simpson's Nonplayer
The likelihood of more issues of Nonplayer from Nate Simpson is up in the air. Issue 1 launches from Image Comics in 2011 with a bang, commercial success and critical praise, but with no followup Currently creator Nate Simpson says there are three and a half pages to finish inking and lots of colouring to do[...]
Is Mind The Gap A TV Show In Disguise?
And we also join her in her mind, as she's dealing with her new reality. Anyway I understand that Jim McCann moved to LA last year at the urging of his agents, he's being repped by a big-time TV agent and looking at Twitter seems to have lots of friends in TV who are all pushing[...]
Now Nonplayer Gets A Movie Deal
Weeks before it was released, Bleeding Cool was so assured of the success of Nate Simpson's Nonplayer from Image Comics that we were very deliberately asking if other new Image titles would be "the next Nonplayer" And on its release it became one of the hottest comics in the country. Of course we also knew we[...]
Image Reprints… Everything
Now we discover that Blue Estate #1, Green Wake #1 are getting second prints on sale the 4th of May, and Nonplayer #1 and Undying Love #1 are also getting second prints for the 11th of May, where they will be joined by the third print of Infinite Vacation #1. Current market rates for the first[...]
Wednesday Trending Topics: And Just Who The Hell Is That?
It's been a pretty interesting Comic Day, with Fear Itself, Nonplayer, and of course the secret of Brightest Day generating some serious discussion  Meanwhile, the tv/film side of the page reveals more question marks for The Wolverine I'm ready to crack open my Atlas Era Strange Tales Vol 4 Masterwork, but before I get to[...]
Wednesday Comics Review: Nonplayer 1 and Fear Itself 1
That honour, by a league, goes to Nonplayer from debut comics creator Nate Simpson. Just as Fear Itself exists on two levels, an above and a below, so Nonplayer literalises that divide, between gameplay and real life But manages to do so in such a thrilling and disparate fashion that it overwhelms what might be (and[...]
Tuesday Trending Topics: Big Fat Spoiler Tag
 But it's another good week in comics, there's Nonplayer, Fear Itself, Brightest Day, and a bunch more  And I see Rich has some great reviews planned for morning, but before that, let's catchup: Most-Read Comic Stories Today: Big Brightest Day Spoilers You Will Kill Yourself Over If You Read After all, DC are not like Marvel[...]
Nate Simpson and Nonplayer: The Bleeding Cool Interview
Nate Simpson is the creator of upcoming comic book smash Nonplayer that Bleeding Cool has sunk all its frankly spurious credibility into In an attempt to buoy interest in the comic and, vicariously, justify this website's existence, I talked to Nate Simpson about his work on the book And managed to hardly talk about the[...]
Butcher Baker IS The New Nonplayer
Quite a remarkable market jump, though by yesterday copies were selling for closer to $20. And Nonplayer #1 from Nate Simpson also from Image? Released tomorrow, bids on eBay have already topped $10 with the auctions not yet finished. I understand some shops are already expecting queues… On Saturday, a copy of Butcher Baker The Righteous Maker[...]