Nathan Fairburn Announces Lake Of Fire At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)

Nathan Fairbairn announced Lake of Fire, a new comic he's written, drawn by Matt Smith out in July, set during the Crusades, just as an alien spaceship crashes in the French mountains and is discovered by Crusaders. Described as "Simple concept low drama laughs"…

More Image Expo here….


LAKE OF FIRE by Nathan Fairbairn & Matt Smith
Co-creators Nathan Fairbairn (Scott Pilgrim, Batman Incorporated) and Matt Smith (Barbarian Lord) come together for an all-new series titled LAKE OF FIRE.

In LAKE OF FIRE it is 1220 AD, and the gears of the Albigensian Crusade grind on. When an alien mining craft infested with legions of bloodthirsty predators crash-lands in the remote wilderness of the French Pyrenees, a small band of crusaders and a Cathar heretic are all that stands between God's Kingdom and Hell on Earth.

LAKE OF FIRE is set to launch in Summer 2016.

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