If You Can Remember the Image Comics Spring Formal Last Night, You Weren't There

❤️ A photo posted by Katie West (@katiewest) on Apr 7, 2016 at 12:37am PDT Expo Spring Formal ducklips selfie for @kellysued #imageexpo #eccc A photo posted by Scorn (@roborangutang) on Apr 6, 2016 at 10:43pm PDT news: you are definitely in America A photo posted by Jamie McKelvie (@mckelvie) on Apr[...]

Mechanism By Raffaele Ienco – Not Announced At #ImageExpo

There's only so much you can fit on a stage it seems. Launching in July but not announced at Image Expo was Mechanism. A new series from Raffaele Ienco (Epic Kill) out in July from Image/Tow Cow. It was intended to come out from Heavy Metal, but that has clearly changed. Five books have been fully finished, so […]

Video: Eric Stephenson's Keynote Address To #ImageExpo 2016 – "Nothing Is Impossible"

Filmed by George Tramountanas for Bleeding Cool, Image Comics publisher Eric Stephenson's keynote address to Image Expo 2016. can't be loaded because JavaScript is disabled: Eric Stephenson's Keynote Address To Image Expo 2016 (  More from Image Expo here…

The Creators For Creators $30,000 Grant Announced At #ImageExpo (Nick Dragotta Essay UPDATE)

Image Expo has seen the announcement of the Creators For Creators Grant, designed to give money to new creators creative teams and get established creators to mentor newcomers. The grant, starting at $30,000 is hopefully designed to replace the role that the Xeric Award performed, but with added creator intervention and legal advice. The first submissions will […]

Brian Azzarello And Eduardo Risso Announce Moonshine At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)

Brian Azzarello has announced his new series with Eduardo Risso on art and colours, for Image Comics, Moonshine, at Image Expo. Described as "monsters, werewolves and hillbillies", it's set in the prohibition era. And out in October… More Image Expo here…. UPDATE: MOONSHINE by Brian Azzarello & Eduardo Risso, edited by Will Dennis From Brian […]

Jonathan Hickman And Tomm Coker's The Black Monday Murders Announced At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)

Announced at Image Expo, Jonathan Hickman and Tomm Coker's The Black Monday Murders is about a group who engineer an economic failure using magic an inspired by the Black Monday of the eighties. It's Harry Potter, but with financial institutions instead of schools with power accumulated by wealth…. With lots and lots of world-building back matter. More […]

Karen Berger, Sara Kenney And John Watkiss's Surgeon X Announced At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)

  Karen Berger returns to comics! Editing a new sci-fi comic by documentary maker Sara Kenney and artist John Watkiss, Surgeon X. The medicines of the world are in the control of the rich. Set in London, the comic is about a reckless surgeon Rosa Scott,  trying to save people twenty years in the future as old diseases become resistant to treatment […]

Bryan Hill And Nelson Blake IIs Romulus Announced At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)

Bryan Hill has announced Romulus with Nelson Blake II at Image Expo. A new comic that's about the hidden order that runs the world, the Order Of Romulus. Their top assassin endures a tragedy and turns on them… look for it in the autumn/winter. More Image Expo here…. UPDATE:  ROMULUS by Bryan Hill & Nelson Blake II (Top […]

Rockstars By Joe Harris And Meghan Hutchison Announced At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)

Joe Harris has announced his new comic Rockstars with Megan Hutchison, About Jackie Mayer, who knows rock 'n roll secrets but he isn't the only one. Rock'n'roll and magic mixing, described as Almost Famous in a world of Supernatural. Each arc will cover a different era of music, the 70s, the 80s and more. Out in the autumn. […]

Jen Van Meter And Rick Burchett Announce Prima At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)

Jen Van Meter and Rick Burchett have announced Prima at Image Expo. A new comic about a 1950's ballet company who are ballet dancers by day undercover espionage freedom fighters by night. They used to be a resistance cell during World War II and they want to keep their hand in helping people. More Image Expo here…. UPDATE: […]

Prince Of Cats By Ron Wimberley To Be Remastered, Announced At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)

Ronald Wimberly has announced at Image Expo that his Prince of Cats comic, previously published vy DC Vertigo, will get a definitive version from Image Comics, a twisted version of Romeo and Juliet in 1980's New York…. More Image Expo here…. PRINCE OF CATS by Ron Wimberly  PRINCE OF CATS written and drawn by Ron Wimberly, lettered […]

Howard Chaykin's The Divided States Of Hysteria Announced At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)

  Howard Chaykin has announced his new series, The Divided States of Hysteria, at Image Expo and he promises that it is neither historical nor erotic. Honest. It's about a successful terrorist attack, where only hope is four serial murderers and the CIA officer who didn't see the attack coming. Look for it in the winter. […]

Nathan Fairburn Announces Lake Of Fire At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)

Nathan Fairbairn announced Lake of Fire, a new comic he's written, drawn by Matt Smith out in July, set during the Crusades, just as an alien spaceship crashes in the French mountains and is discovered by Crusaders. Described as "Simple concept low drama laughs"… More Image Expo here…. UPDATE: LAKE OF FIRE by Nathan Fairbairn & Matt […]

Hunt By Colin Lorimer Announced At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)

Colin Lorimer announced a new comic series, The Hunt from the Shadowline Studios at Image Comics, at Image Expo. Based on Irish lore, it's about a character who witnesses her fathers soul stolen by fairies and tries to find it. With fairies killing people to get their souls out easier. He does emphasise it will […]

Horizon From Brandon Thomas And Juan Gedeon For Skybound At #ImageExpo (UPDATE)

Juan Gedeon and Brandon Thomas have announced Horizon, a new comic from Skybound Entertainment through Image Comics, a sci-fi conspiracy thriller series starting in July. And one that Thomas has been working on for two years – and already has ten scripts in the bag, while Juan has drawn four issues. Should be on time then. […]