Nick Spencer On Comics Sales Slump: Industry Has Survived Much Much Worse

Superstar writer Nick Spencer has heard the reports of the comics industry's demise, and he thinks they're a bit premature.

Nick Spencer On Comics Sales Slump: Industry Has Survived Much Much Worse
With apologies to KC Green

2017 has been a down year for comics, and Bleeding Cool reported last week that comics sales had "fallen off a cliff" with August's Diamond Sales Charts. But according to Spencer, everything is basically fine.

It's been a while since we've had a good Nick Spencer Twitter rampage. Maybe Spencer was too busy with Secret Empire. Maybe he was taking a break to recharge. Maybe he's been reinvigorated by the release of Hillary Clinton's book. Whatever the case, we're glad to have Nick Spencer back arguing endlessly on the internet. It's like a stimulus package for the clickbait article industry.

Spencer spent a good portion of his weekend arguing with fans on Twitter about comic book sales. Since he's is a former politician, journalistic duty dictates that we add some fact-checking and context below.

Spencer is correct. The sales for August 2017 were down 25% from August 2016, but the year overall is down just 7%.

And Marvel is loading the rest of the year up with lenticular variant covers pushed by insanely high ordering requirements. That could indeed result in an influx of cash from retailers to publishers, though what effect that will have for the industry longterm is unknown.

Spencer continued to make his argument:

According to Bleeding Cool's August analysis, the unit share numbers seemed to indicate heavy discounting by Marvel to spike unit sales.

Spencer also scoffed at the claim that more comic book shops are closing than normal:

Of course, some might say that if sales were great in these areas, logic dictates Marvel would probably be bragging about them all the time.

So somebody linked Spencer to Bleeding Cool:

Chicken little? What a thing to call Rich after he published that earnest defense of Spencer's political campaign!

Now that is spoken like a true politician!

And what better measure of success could there be?

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