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Titans of Graphic Novels
So how did graphic novels sell during 2020? Publisher's Weekly reports that print books as a whole saw sales numbers in North America rise 8.2% in 2020, selling 750.9 million copies, up from 693.7 million the year before And the largest annual increase since 2010 While many bookstores were in shutdown, online sales took over[...]
IDW Publishing Makes Less Than 40% of It's Revenue From the Direct Market
Other publishing revenue, which includes sales to specialty retailers, nonprofit organizations and universities, accounted for 3.0% and 11.7% of IDW Publishing's revenue for the three months ended January 31, 2019 and January 31, 2018, respectively. Licensing and royalty revenue accounted for 3.1% and 2.8% of IDW Publishing's revenues for the three months ended January 31, 2019[...]
There's Still Time to Hit Up Nintendo's New Year's eShop Sale
The Nintendo New Year sale will run from today to January 10, 2019 at 8:59 am PT. Unlike previous Nintendo holiday sales, there are quite a few first-party games on discount this time around including Mario Kart 8 Deluxe, ARMS, and Splatoon 2 Several new third-party games are also up for major discounts including Starlink: Battle for Atlas and the Mega[...]
Monster Hunter: World
credit//Capcom Sony Interactive Entertainment released its ranking for PS4 sales on the Japanese PlayStation Store related to the week between February 5th and February 11th. The top twenty were: Monster Hunter: World Dynasty Warriors 9 Dragon Ball FighterZ Sword Art Online: Fatal Bullet Mirror's Edge Catalyst Abzu Undertale Shadow of the Colossus Firewatch Simple DL Series G4U Vol[...]
dc super hero girls
Bleeding Cool has been listening through the Publishers Weekly podcast, where the site interviews DC Co-Publishers Dan DiDio and Jim Lee discuss some about how DC is doing in terms of sales and in terms of upcoming projects. One interesting element has been the comment from Jim Lee on the DC Superhero Girls line, a series[...]
IDW Blames "Market Leaders" (I.E. Marvel) For Revenue Drop In Financial Report
Decreases in operating income from IDW, IDW Entertainment and CTM in the amounts of ($1,467,000), ($187,000) and ($667,000), respectively, due to lower gross profit in all three segments, totaling ($1,185,000), more fully described below, and an increase in selling, general and administrative expenses of ($1,220,000), principally due to an increase in non-cash stock compensation across[...]
Nick Spencer On Comics Sales Slump: Industry Has Survived Much Much Worse
Superstar writer Nick Spencer has heard the reports of the comics industry's demise, and he thinks they're a bit premature. With apologies to KC Green 2017 has been a down year for comics, and Bleeding Cool reported last week that comics sales had "fallen off a cliff" with August's Diamond Sales Charts But according to Spencer, everything[...]
south philly comics
As the comics industry continues to suffer from sluggish sales, South Philly Comics is closing its doors on September 3rd The store will hold a funeral for itself on Sunday, which has prompted a story in local media outlet BillyPenn that offers an interesting perspective on what some might call the unique quirks of the[...]